Monday, March 19, 2012

Today's Update Brought To You By The Letter "M"

M is a nice letter.  It starts off such words as Mommy, Marshmallow, and Money.  All nice things.  It is the "sound" you make when you like something.  MMMMMMM.  Who's with me....three cheers for M!!!

M M M!!!

1)  Mattress.  We went to another retailer (smaller place), and were very impressed.  The owner of the store helped us out, and was so un-salesman like.  We tried a few, and then found one we both really liked.  As we were laying on the bed talking (pillow talk???), I asked G-man which one he liked better....this one, or the $2,600.  He said the $2,600 one by just a hair, but he would be very happy with this one.  I said, what if this one was $2,000....he said great, I am sold.  We looked at the was $1,300!!!!  WOOO  HOOO!!  Half the cost of the other one (which was already marked down 50%).  We were hoping to be closer to $1,000, but we were a heck of alot closer than we were.  I am hoping this place will honor a 10% coupon I have for another place, which will bring us down to $1,170.  This mattress is a set matter where you go, this is the price that the manufacturer set.  We looked all over the internet and retailers, and it is EXACTLY the same. 

We will probably pay an extra $100 to have a split box spring (just because our house is so narrow, it will make moving it in and out so much easier.  We are declining the "motorized" foundation, which includes massage, and elevates the head and feet (very cool....we tried it out.  But not $1300 cool).

Additionally, they charge $10 per piece to take away the old pieces.  Money from this goes to a charity that helps buy beds for the underserved population.  Very cool.

2)  Molar.  My molar needed the root canal.  It has spiralled (literally!) out of control.   Turns out I have "spiral" roots (which I remembered from my wisdom teeth, which were extracted 18 years ago).  The dentist actually broke several instruments trying to do this. broke off IN my tooth.  So I have a piece of instrument in my tooth.  They wanted to send me to an Endodontist, but after I called and found out that the MINIMAL charge was going to be $1,700 (needing to be paid in full BEFORE the procedure; and that is the lowest it could could be more, and we haven't gotten to the crown yet; and yes, I asked about a discount for private pay, and they said no), I said no.  My dentist is going to give it one more go tomorrow.  If we can't make it work, the tooth will probably be yanked. I have a medicated piece of cotton wedged in my tooth, with a temporary filling right now.

There is no way I am going to spend close to $3,000 on this one tooth.  No.  I have having a hard time with $1500!

3)  Mess!!!  I am almost done with the mess I created a few weeks ago from the dreaded challenge.  Now, there is still more to do in the closet, but this is just from the initial mess.  My reward to myself is going to be finishing my file cabinet project.  :)

and finally

4)  ME!  This is going to sound stupid....but I was raised to "believe" that my worth was based on money.  This is something I have discovered in my counseling.  Growing up, my parents never had money for my stuff, but they certainly did for their stuff.  And I am not talking about being spoiled or anything like that.  Just that when it came to me....the effort wasn't there.  I have been struggling with this recently....because of the tooth issue.  I was having a hard time justifying the expense.  If the kids needed it, or G-man....I would have been fine.  But me....I wasn't "worth" it.  Additionally.....I need a new pair of glasses, and just don't feel comfortable ordering them on-line.  I know it is less expensive, but I just don't feel comfortable.  But I decided that my eye health is important too....and will be getting new glasses this weekend.  In addition to the tooth issue.  I am worth it.


  1. You are absolutely worth it. There just seems to be something that happens to some people when they get married and have kids. They forget about themselves. Good for you for taking care of the best M of the group - Mysti :-)

  2. I realized about a year ago that I was worth it to. After all if I go down because of a tooth infection or I can't see or my hair and clothes look scraggly then I am no use in helping my family.

    In fact I am off today for a haircut and a pedicure. Not because I highmaintennce but because once in awhile I need to get something also


  3. Yes you are worth it. I know that I have a hard time paying for my medication. but if I don't work we go down the you know where, so guess what? I am worth it!

  4. I have had similar problems dealing with how I was raised.....the parents who were self involved and not there for you growing up. I can relate to that.
    There seems to be lots of us "out there". 8-(

    Glad you got a good deal on your bed and good luck with the 2nd canal attempt! I had a problem root too.

  5. has been great for our family and it's inexpensive enough to give them a shot before you spend more than you are comfortable with...

  6. Super cute post! Magnificent, really. :) So happy that you are finding yourself worth it.

  7. At the end of the mattress part I thought it said " A charity that buys mattresses for the un-deserved"
    I was thinking that is kinda it and realized it said under-served.....that is more charitable for sure:)

  8. Girl get you glasses ordered TODAY!!! You are so worth more than a pair of glasses and a root canal, take the time to take care of you!!!