Sunday, February 26, 2012

What do they say about the best of plans.....

My day started with G-man sending me an email from work that he didn't feel well.  Stomach was bothering him.  Hoped that it was just too much junk food last night.  Then Sassy got up and said she didn't feel well, and her stomach didn't feel well.  Ut oh.

Then another email from G-man that he has been in the bathroom all morning, and he threw up.  But refused to come home from work (never mind that he has 800+ hrs of sick leave).

An hour ago...Sassy threw up.

And what was I doing....pulling apart my closet for the "dreaded" challenge!!!  I was smart enough to not pull EVERYTHING out, but I have a mini mess.  (I cleaned up part one of the mess about 70% before starting on the closet.

Had to quickly change gears.  Put Sassy in the shower so she could clean up.  Wiped down the bathroom (no one wants to be sick in a bathroom that needs to be cleaned).  Changed the sheets.

So now....I am going to be running back and forth from trying to clean up my mess....taking care of Sassy (and probably G-man when he gets home)....oh yeah, and Bossy.  Oh, and the work I brought home with me.

Ugh....good thing I can multi-task.


  1. The flu!! Take care of you and hope it's a quick 24 hour one.

  2. Ugh, stomach viruses are the worst. Hope you don't catch it. It's bad enough cleaning up the kids' vomit!


  3. YUCK!! Hate when the bug takes over the house, better lay low or they will have you sick next!!!!!

  4. Aww.. :(I hope it passes quickly! Stay healthy!!

  5. Ugh, I hate stomach viruses! Hopefully, it will pass quickly, and nobody else will get sick!

  6. I hope you didn't catch it. Hope they're all better now.