Sunday, February 26, 2012

GBU - February 26, 2012

How is February almost GONE??? 


The Good: 
  • Paid the mortgage early.
  • I had some Overtime this week.
  • My contacts arrived!!!!
The Bad:
  • Gas prices going up ($81 for a fill up for G-man, and that will only last 4 days!)
  • Found a new coffee table we both love (don't worry...we aren't getting it for awhile)
  • My "dreaded" challenge isn't going anywhere!
The Ugly:
  • Still screwing up our food budget....I use it elsewhere, and then wonder why I don't have money for groceries.
  •  Not much progress made in February on finances, more treading water.

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week?????


  1. Oh boy... Where to start! ;)
    The Good:
    1. Did a TONNE of regaining & purging this month! It looks awesome too!!
    2. Received a lot of custom orders this month which brought in extra $$$!
    3. Went to 2 concerts, have another one next week!!
    The Bad:
    1. My fingers are all decorated with deep cuts & bleed, so makes sewing not very enjoyable.
    2. It's COLD. I hate the cold.
    The Ugly:
    1. I plowed through $1K out of our EF this month. :( STUPID, stupid me. *blush*
    2. I spent $400 on food this week & don't even have a menu plan in place.

    I'm treading water right along side you... ;)

  2. The Good:
    Both daughters moved.
    Did a lot of purging and cleaning of dreaded areas of the house.
    Got to see grandson!

    The bad:
    News medical bills piling up faster than I can pay.
    Gas prices going up like crazy

    The Ugly:
    Way over budget this month with both moves.
    Still have not put money in 401K