Thursday, February 23, 2012

Week 3 Decluttering - Challenge Sort of Accomplished

So Carla made this week a "productivity" challenge.  I "thought" I would do all this bulk cooking.  Yeah....not so much.  BUT, a few ingredients I need for some of it will be on sale next week, so maybe this was a good thing (just go with me on this).

I also (ok, this implies that I did more than one thing....but again, just go with me) worked on my Home Office.  I figure a clean and beautiful home office will make me more productive, right???  So here are the messy before pictures:

Main Office Area
Tangled cords

Not really home office, but in the same room

The plan was to clean the desk off and reorganize the papers.  Additionally, I was going to make a wall hanging pocket organizer, and cover the file cabinet in the same fabric.

This is what I discovered along the way:

1)  Papers are easy....wires are more time consuming....especially when you take it ALL APART.

2)  While I am happy with how the wall pocket thing came out (even though I hacked it in 2), it was VERY TIME CONSUMING.  If anyone wants to attempt this, let me know, and I will share what I learned.

3)  I need more time to purge the file cabinet before I can cover it.

Here are the end results:

Clean Desk! And ugly file cabinet

The now famous wall thingy
Wall thingy hanging up
Nicely hidden

The former mess of cords

Now, the other area of the room:

The idea is that this dresser will change seasonally (it had a Fall and Yule display, then became junky).  The "Family" picture will get hung above it, but what you can't see are the family pictures that are already there.  We have to take them all down and rearrange it.  The clear drawers....the kids craft stuff will go in the now empty one.  The other one....well.....

It went into the closet....which is part of the dreaded challenge.  And the big pile of crap yet to be sorted items that have taken over the kids' craft table.....that is now part of the dreaded challenge as well.

And you guys saw my "helper" in the Family Area challenge....well, I had another helper this time:

Once I get the file cabinet done, and a few other decorative things....I will revisit this post and show you.  PLUS, then I can cross off "home office makeover" off my goal list for the year!

Oh dreaded I dread you this coming week!!!!


  1. Your office looks great!!! The wall hangy thing (Ha) is really cute. Don't you hate patterns that make things harder than they need to be!!! Congrats on getting this marked off your list

  2. I really like that fabric for the wall hanger thingy! lovely pattern!

  3. This all looks great!!!! And just the inspiration I need to finish up the Princess's room before she comes home!!!!!!

  4. Nice work! Our condo is clutter central; I need to take some notes on how to make it look a little nicer.