Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Night Chit-Chat - February 26, 2012

Tonight's Image Brought To You By.......Our Bathroom....
As I said whole family has managed to get sick at the same time.  G-man and Sassy both have the stomach flu.  I managed to talk G-man into NOT going to his part-time job tonight.  He rarely gets sick, and it has been about 7 years since he has had a stomach flu.  He came home, crawled into bed, and hasn't moved.

Sassy seems better at this point, but a fever and vomited has bought her a day home from school tomorrow.  Bossy is still on the fence.  He doesn't look great, and he took a little nap.  We will see if he is going downhill as well.

Good grief.  My Sunday got hijacked by illness.  I wasn't planning on scrubbing bathrooms, changing linens, going to the grocery store for supplies.  Oh well.  I was able to make a little more progress on the closet, and put things away to a point that is tolerable.  But my priority is taking care of the sickies.

On to the chit chat, sponsored by Carla!!!


 Hey, I am finally reading something!  Confessions of a Shopaholic....I know it has been around forever, but I am finally getting around to reading it.  Cute, light, and fluffy. I actually borrowed this from the library, along with the next one in the series, so as soon as I am done, I have the next one to work on!!!

Not sure tonight.  With G-man home and sick....I am guessing it will be his call. 
Listening to...
Family Game of Bossy's favorites!


Soup in process
 My poor sick family.  I am making homemade chicken noodle soup.  Totally homemade...stock and all.  Well, I bought the 95% homemade.

Since I will be home tomorrow with a sick kid...I am hoping to do some crock pot cooking.  Bought the ingredients for a new we will see how it comes out.  I also need to make more pancakes....the kids wiped out the batch I made last week!

Happy you accomplished this week...
Well, I would like to say my "dreaded" project, but it isn't finished.  But it is started!!! 

Looking forward to this week...
Finishing all this stuff I have started!  I am hoping by next chit chat I will have my tables cleared off again, my box of donations (which has been started), and some more cooking done.  And getting rid of February!

Thankful for today...
That I am not I can take care of all THREE of my sickies!

Last time the stomach bug went through the house was 7 years ago, and first Bossy, then Sassy, then me, then G-man.  At least we weren't ALL sick together.  I have no idea what we would have done.  When I got sick (which was the worst of the 4 of us), I was sleeping on the floor of the bathroom at one point because it was just easier!

It seems that today was the day of Judy had a household emergency and Jolie had a dental emergency.  I hope you both are doing ok!!!


  1. I hope your family is feeling better quickly!! :( Sick family members are no fun! Your dreaded challenge can (and unfortunately) will wait... ;) Get lots of rest & healthy foods yourself so hopefully you don't get sick as well!

  2. I hope they get better fast and that you DON"T get sick. :) You will love the books. Hey, do you have the think for Judy's new blog? I was messing with my blog and deleted her new one. Boo.

  3. Your soup looks so good!!! I love to make real homemade chicken noodle soup. How do you freeze your pancakes? I was thinking lay them all out to freeze then put into zip lock bags, will that work?

  4. Sorry to hear the family isn't feeling well at all. Hopefully you can escape it and that everyone is feeling better very soon!

  5. I hope everyone gets better quickly. Our plumber will be here bright and early tomorrow so everyone showered tonight and they have all been told they are not allowed to be sick since we wont have water for a few hours

  6. Your soup looks good and will be welcome by your sickies. hopefully you can enjoy it in health. Get better soon everyone.

  7. oh no! about the family!!!!! Hope everyone is better soon - but the soup looks delish!

  8. I loved that book, but the sequel and others that she wrote just seemed to be reiterating the protaganist's inability to stop justifying stupid purchases.

    So, I would read that one and then stop with a feeling of oy, I am SO glad I don't shop like THAT!

    Hope everyone feels better soon and you don't catch it!