Monday, February 13, 2012

Taking Back the Kitchen, part two

(I have to say...this post and I did NOT get along!  The pictures did not cooperate AT ALL.  Just because I love you guys did I keep messing with it until it was somewhat better.  I gave up eventually!!  But you at least get the idea).

The second part of this challenge was our pantry.  We have 2 corner cabinets that we use for food storage, both with lazy susans.  I HATE the lazy susans.  All the boxes get screwy, stuff falls behind them.  If the shelf isn't full, everything shifts around. UGH.  But this is what I have, so I need to embrace it.

Here were the starting points:
Upper Cabinet Before

Lower Cabinet Before
 The first thing I did with the cabinets was empty them.

Upper Cabinet Contents
Lower Cabinet Contents

Then I threw out all the yucky stuff.  Anything that only had a serving left (alot of snack food), I put in a sandwich baggie to be added to a lunch this week.  This is what I threw out.

I cleaned the cabinets and added shelf paper.  I ran out of paper for the the bottom two shelves, so I need to get more.  I didn't want to fail the challenge, so I pressed on!


Double YUCK!!!

But once it was all cleaned out....I put new shelf paper down (or at least until I ran out!)

In the end, here are my finished cabinets:

Upper Cabinet After
Lower Cabinet After

I am not sure why I waited so long to do this....this really didn't take long, and it wasn't all that bad. 

As for the mini challenge....writing a letter or note.  I wrote this note that was enclosed with the pictures from Sassy's dance:

So there you are!  Week 2...DONE.  Oh....Week 3, you little devil....I can't wait to tackle you!!!


  1. well done on getting week 2 finished.

    Gill in Canada

  2. Great job. Isn't it true, why do we wait so long to get at these little jobs.

    I love that the "inspector" showed up to check out your work.

  3. Looks great! You are inspiring me to get some spring cleaning done!

  4. Looks great! I dont know if it would help but years ago(my cabinets are really old) my grandpop put dowels on the lazy susans to make sections. This way the dowels helped everything stay up and it didn''t fall behind the cabinet

  5. Thanks all! Yes, you will see my "inspector" alot in all of this. He is a curious one!

  6. That is kind of funny, I've been looking for a "lazy Susan" for a while! That looks so so much better. Great job.