Monday, February 20, 2012

Successful Weekend? Failed Weekend??

The main goal of the weekend was home office makeover and productivity.  Oh yeah....and a break from my family.  Did I achieve my goal???  Not quite sure which category I belong in.

  • Didn't bulk cook
  • Didn't finish (or start) my file cabinet makeover
  • Big pile of stuff that I will probably pitch anyway miscellaneous items that I still need to deal with (they just keep moving location)
  • Change the sheets so my family can come home to clean beds (but I may be able to do this before they get home)
  • Read or comment on blogs
  • Mail stuff
  • Vacuum car
  • Didn't do laundry

  • I took apart all the components of the computer and cleaned everything
  • Wires organized
  • Desk very neat and tidy
  • Made a wall hanging file thingy (OMG....this took F-O-R-E-V-E-R...should of just bought one)
  • Hung out with friends
  • Extra Sleep
  • Watch stuff on DVR
  • Ate yummy (but totally not good for me) food

So there ya go....8 things in each category.  I already admitted that some of my thoughts for the weekend were out of whack.  I do feel bad that I didn't bulk cook.  But I did have a mini vacation.

Pictures will come tomorrow.  I need G-man to hang my file thingy and move my calendar (we have plaster walls, and I was too afraid to do it myself).  And then you will get some pics.

My family will be hitting the road in a little while, and I am sure will be dog tired when they get home.  So our night will be quiet.  I did miss them.....but I sure did like the quiet!


  1. The Princess is gone this weekend too and will be until next weekend. I decided to start cleaning out her room. Yikes! I know what I will be working on the REST of the week!

  2. Glad you got some good rest in, the whole cleaning thing is over rated!! Ha

  3. I always way over-plan my "just me home alone time" too. Oh well! I'd say you still got a lot done and got to enjoy some quiet time.

  4. I've nominated you and your blog for an award. Pop over to my blog to see what it's all about! :)

  5. Cleaning can always wait. I do need to clean my computer really good. Havent done that in ages. And a lazy weekend here and there has never hurt anyone...

  6. Maybe scale down the scale LOL of what you plan to do next time so you don't feel so overwhelmed when the plans go awry.

    Sounds like you balanced the "recharging/refreshing vacation" part of the time away with the "get more stuff done" part.
    Nothing wrong with a little more balance in your's all good. ;-)

  7. Hey this weekend was for you right! Too much stuff to accomplish, I think you did great!