Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Brain Dump Of Sorts

I am so off my game.

1)  G-man and kids arrived home safely.  I am glad they had a nice time, but I am glad they are home.  The kids really are happy to be home.

2)  No pictures yet of my home office.  I couldn't bear to ask G-man to start "working" when he got home, so maybe later today.  He did comment on how much cleaner it all looked and that he liked my wall hang thingy.    When I told him that we needed to move a picture, which will entail rearranging an entire wall of pictures, he was less than thrilled, but I think he will just go with it.

3)  Weight loss....HAHAHA.  I signed up for the weight loss challenge over at Newlyweds on a Budget....but it is going nowhere.  I found a dress for a wedding we are going to in 3 months, and I am hoping that maybe THAT will be the motivation I need.

4)  I have the utmost patience for some things....and NONE for other things.  Just over a month left before we can take out our new loan, and I want it NOW.  I just want to see the new numbers in action.

5)  Still haven't ordered my contacts.  Need to do this soon.  I am getting headaches from wearing my glasses that are the wrong prescription.  I almost ordered them from Walgreens when I got an email that said "15% off on-line + 20% off contacts."  Until I read the fine print, and you couldn't use both discounts.  Bummer.  They shouldn't have phrased it that way.

6)  Found a new job to apply for.  It is 2 minutes from home.  I want to tweak my resume just a bit to fit the job, and then I will submit it. 

7)  Gas prices are scaring me.  Our oil budget resets in August, so we still have 6 months to go.  But if the prices continue, we could be back to paying over $500 a month in oil. Plus our gas for the cars, which is already over $500 a month.  If I get the new job, my gas consumption will drop, but the rise in prices will just make that money go to the increases for the rest.  So it could end up being a wash.

See....I have a few days off....and I don't think about stuff....and as soon as real life sets back in....BAM.  My head is spinning again.


  1. Get your contacts ordered! And please, budget for a spare set of glasses for the off days. Check Lense-Saver.com for some comparison prices on contacts. Good luck with your resume and that job application! Tweaking the resume/cover letter is vital, and even better if you can research what the company is about and incorporate that into your experience and cover letter intro. Best of luck.

  2. Gas prices seem to be getting ridiculously high here as well. The hubs has a 45 minute commute and with each fill up I can just see the paycheck disappearing all too quickly. Hopefully the price will drop again before your oil budget resets in August!

  3. For Contacts - check out GroupOn - there is one for Acuvue Oasys - not sure if they are your brand, but it is one hell of deal.


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  5. I am mentally preparing for $4 gas real soon. I just hope we don't see $5 gas this summer but it just might... I am planning on lots of bike commuting this summer.

  6. Gas prices are cutting into our weekly spending for sure, I don't run the roads much any more, walking is out of the question in our area so it's home sweet home for me. Good luck in your job search

  7. Popping over to say great work! And I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. You work so hard and deserve some recognition. Go to my blog and read the short instructions under my post "My 1st Award" to see how to post the award on your blog. Congratulations!

  8. Don't think you are going to find contacts cheaper than the 20% off through Walgreens. I am in the same boat. Looking for the best deal for the eyeballs. Mine are mighty $$ since I need a special lense in my left eye. So far Walgreens has been the cheapest I can find.


  9. For my contacts...Walgreens wasn't the best deal. I did order them at Lensmart, and found a coupon code. Total was $129 for one year.