Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And the chaos continues to spin

Oh good gracious.  What day of the week is it?  I thought it was Wednesday all day yesterday.  It was somewhat of a relief that it was Tuesday...but it was also....wait, if today is Tuesday, what the heck is going on all this week? Between my few days off, the kids' vacation, and the dump pristine home I am currently living brain is shot.  I am great at creating my own mess, but add in the mess of my family....grrrr.

BUT, my bills are all organized in my new wall thingy (that G-man hung for me).  All the bills are paid (as much as they can until next payday).  Checkbook is balanced.  So that little piece of my brain is calm and happy.

The pieces that aren't include the $35.40 Paypal charge that I have to call about.  It was from something I signed up for a year ago and must have auto-renewed.  I have to call about that today. 

I have 2 wonderful awards that I have been given by readers, and haven't had a chance to acknowledge.

I still owe you guys pictures, and I haven't started my dreaded challenge yet.

I am really hoping that the kids don't have much homework tonight, as I need to organize my chaos.  I am not going to solve the chaos....but I need to organize it.  As my head is continuing to spin, there is a greater likelihood that bad things will happen.  Like....I feel like crap....I need to eat this.  Or I need to buy this.

I feel a JUST DO IT coming on....


  1. Photos of your "wall thingy" would be nice! I've been looking a way to make a mail organizer for my parents' house (think a shoe hanger but with bigger pockets sorted as 'mail for dad', 'mail for mother', 'ads', 'bills'), but I don't know how to go about it.

    Also, take a few minutes and breath deeply while counting to 10. It will not provide you with great relief, but it will help you ease the tension.

  2. Deep cleansing breaths!!!!!!

  3. ((Mysti)) This is how my February has felt as well... Hang in week to go!!

  4. Just do it!! Hehe had to do it :)


  5. Ha, I think we have all pushed ourselves to a frinzy this month