Sunday, February 19, 2012

Still truckin....

No GBU today.  But Julie asked how I am...

First part of that is I am terrific!!!  I have thoroughly enjoyed my vacation from my family.  Not to say when the kids didn't want to talk to me yesterday, my heart broke a little....but I am fantastic overall.

Second....I had WAY too loft of goals for myself for this weekend.  My goal for today is just finish and clean up what I have started.  If I get further, then wonderful.  But I need to at least put back what I started.  Part of the problem is that some things took a lot longer than expected (isn't that typical???).  But I am still plugging away.

Third, apparently I needed more sleep.  I have slept way longer than usual. 

Lastly, I am ok with my own company.  I really haven't missed talking (a huge surprise).  Quiet can be good.


  1. Sleeping is good, it would have been first on my list!!! Enjoy the rest of your you time

  2. Quiet can be good. Quiet in the house, quieter in the mind. A time for energy to recharge and balance.

  3. Enjoy the silence and the opportunity for rest and renewal! Lucky lady. :)

  4. your body mmust need the sleep, so enjoy it while you can,


  5. Sounds like a great few days! I am so glad you got this time and even though some things took longer than you thought...they would have taken even longer if everyone else would have been competing for your attention. Get an extra hour or two of sleep for me tonight!:)