Friday, January 20, 2012

*pant pant pant*

I don't think I have sat down all week!

Mom arrived safely (and for the record...this is MY mom, not my MIL). 

My house is marginally clean.

I have had 3 PTA meetings this week.

And today's schedule:

7:15am - Work
11am - meeting at school regarding Bossy
12:00 - prep dinner
1:00 - pick up flowers for dance tonight
2:00 - Attend assembly at school
3:15 - pick up Sassy at school to take her to get her hair done
4:00 - Finish getting Sassy ready
5:00 - head over to dance to work the photography station, and I am on the clean-up committee

9:00 - collapse at home.


  1. What is your plan for paying down the debt? Are you using the debt snowball (paying off accounts from smallest to largest balance regardless of interest rate and paying minimums on all other debts)? If not, your debts fall nicely in line with that method and you can gain some really quick wins. For example:

    #1 Retirement Loan = $88.00
    #2 Adult Dentist = $273.00
    #3 Kid Dentist = $403.00

    Is it possible to pay these off in 1-2 months?

    I can see you gaining some serious momentum if you knock out three debts right away. Then attack "Bossy Supplies" and CC #3.

  2. So what's your mom doing to help out?? Sounds like you'll be running all day too! You'll be all worn out before the weekend - slow down girl!

  3. I think you need a day off. Between you and Kim the rest of us are starting to look bad :)

  4. @Michelle - typical life around here!

    @Evan H - I will answer your questions in your other comment.

    @Kim - I know!

    @Jane - Mom help out? HAHAHAHA

    @Judy - I took it easy (ok...easIER) this weekend.