Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Still hanging in there!

Thanks for all the comments yesterday.  Overall, the day could have certainly been worse, so I will just count my blessings that it only reached 5 of 10 on the suckiness scale.  There is potential carryover to today (work stuff....ANOTHER PTA meeting).  But I will just deal.

We did have to call the police last night, but not for the reason expected!!  After the meeting, a few of us were talking outside.  One mom is having a rough time of it, and she just needed a few minutes to vent.  Well, this weird truck pulled into the parking lot, and kept revving his engine.  He kept stopping infront of my car and another person's car.  He would leave, and come back.  It started to scare us.  We couldn't even walk to our car because he was right infront of it!

So we called the police, and as we were describing the car, the police seemed to know who we were talking about.  By the time I got home (maybe 3 minutes later?) I could hear sirens in the distance. is payday!  YIPPEE!!  My check is a little small due to missed work, holiday days that the office was closed, etc.  But it is something.   I am hoping to update my side bar tonight.  A few CC payments, the car payment.....all good.  Some interest.....bad.  But the overall effect will be a decrease.

It will be a nasty grocery shopping today, as we are out of most everything. 

After Mom leaves, we will really start to figure out what to do about the cell phones.  Upon surface investigation....there might not be much we can do.....or I should say that G-man is WILLING to do.  I was pushing MetroPCS, but the coverage in our area is poor.  He won't do a pre-pay phone.  So we will have to discuss.

Meanwhile, I just need to get through Mom's visit, and then back to the grind. 


  1. Glad that the PTA meeting wasn't as bad as you thought it would be. That truck driver sounds creepy. Good luck with your final preparations for MAD (Mom's Arrival Date) Just kidding! :) Just remember that your mom will remember spending time with her grandchildrem most of all. :)

  2. That's weird about the truck driver. I would be creeped out.

  3. See it was not as bad as you thought, but I still hope it gets better!

  4. Hurrah for paydays - I LIVE for them:) Glad you got home safely, sounds like that truck driver is "known" to the police so you guys made a good call. Empathizing with you re MIL!!

  5. Hang in there, girl. Hopefully, you'll have a nice weekend ahead of you!

  6. glad you called the police, sounds a bit scary!
    hope the MIL visit goes well.