Sunday, January 15, 2012

GBU - January 15, 2012

The Good: 
  • Realized that the retirement loan is almost done!
  • Both G-man and I have "found" money through the state (old paychecks from our part time jobs TEN years ago!!!)
The Bad:
  • Gas prices have jumped and it stinks!
  • My house looks like a tornado went through it.
  • Missed a day of work because of poor planning.
    The Ugly:
    • Overspent on food this week
    • Didn't budget well for Sassy's upcoming Father/Daughter dance (budgeted for the dress and shoes...but hair has taken on a life of its own!)

    You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week?????


    1. Ugh!! I hope everything works out for you!! :)

      I'm going to post my GBU on my blog & will link you up, dear!! :)

    2. That's awesome that you found money through your state! I've tried doing that but haven't found anything.

    3. Good-took back some wine bottles for $2.80 - woohoo!
      Bad- spent $20.00 at wine and food show but sooooo very yummy,
      Ugly- far...

    4. Woohoo on the $! Maybe you can use if for the father/daughter dance???

    5. @JP - it will take several weeks before we get the money, and we have no idea how much it is. The dance is this Friday!

    6. I know the feeling of cleaning like a madwoman before the family arrives... At least it will be done for awhile & you will be able to enjoy it! My last big clean was right before Thanksgiving - probably time for another one. Is there a beauty school in your area where you could take Sassy to get her hair done? And I'm not sure how missing a day of work is good...?

    7. @Jean - oops....good catch. The missing a day of work was supposed to be in the BAD section!!!!

      As for Sassy's time for the beauty school....too far. But it isn't just that...she needed something to make her hair do what she wanted....which will probably run $10-$12, plus I caved and got her something special to put in her hair (that is on me!!)