Monday, January 16, 2012

I am so behind with you guys!

My mom is coming to visit on Thursday, so all of my time has been spent cleaning and preparing for her visit. 

I wish I could just change the sheets on the bed and call it a day.  But I can't.  I have parents who like to comment....on everything.  "Oh sweetie, don't worry that you didn't XYZ...I know you are just too busy for those types of things."  So I scrub and wash, dust and vacuum, reorganize and declutter.  I wash the wood floors with vinegar, on my hands and knees.  I wash all the curtains. 

Now granted, all of these things need to get done at some point.  But having to do it all at can get overwhelming.

So, I am sorry I haven't commented on blogs or if you are going through some major thing and I don't know about it.  I am so behind on my reading....but I also feel behind at home.  All I do is chase my tail.

Hoping to spend some time catching up with you guys soon.


  1. Have a good visit with your mom!

  2. Sweetie - I am right there with you doing the exact same thing! My sister's wedding is this weekend and the house is getting a MAJOR overhaul.

  3. Why don't you talk to your parents about this? My mom used to be the same way. Except, instead of only making comments to me, she repeated her criticisms to anyone who would listen at family functions. One day, I just told her. I said, "You know, it really hurts me when you criticize the cleanliness of our home to everyone. Or even when you make comments to me. I've started dreading you coming over because it means I have to clean the apartment to a ridiculous level just so you won't look down on me. And that's not fair." She listened. She hasn't said anything since, and she's even become more laid back about her own cleaning.

    Regardless, I hope you both have a good time visiting with one another! :)

  4. we aren't going anywhere!!!! have a great visit!

  5. @Katie - I have had that discussion with my parents before. My parents thought I was ridiculous, denied that they were doing anything....were insulted that I thought that. And didn't speak to me for awhile. This is just the dynamic of our family.