Thursday, January 12, 2012

Joining the 10 lbs Challenge

I joined the 10-pound Challenge hosted by Newlyweds on a Budget. Lose 10 pounds in 12 weeks, win $$$. Are you in?

Erika over at Newlyweds on a Budget is hosting an awesome contest!  Go check out the details!

I purposely did not put losing weight on my 2012 goal list, simply because I wanted to do it for me, and not for a goal.  I didn't want to say "lose 20 lbs" and then if I lost 10....feel bad.  So anything has to be better than where I am now!

We have a wedding to go to in May, and I would love to be on my way to looking great.  I love that this will mentally jumpstart, it does go with my goal to win a giveaway!!

My plan....go back to Weight Watchers plan for eating.  I have all the tools from when I did it before.  I understand the program.  I just need to do it.  And hopefully, once I start to see some results, it will snowball from there.  As for exercise....that is a problem, but in Biggest Loser enthusiasm for the season...No excuses!

So go on over an check it all out.


  1. Congrats on joining the challenge! I joined too. Good luck with your challenge!

  2. so glad you decided to join the challenge!! it will be great to lose some weight and what if you won one of the prizes?! even sweeter!

  3. I joined too! Hope I lose more than 10, about 15 would be perfect. I follow The Calcium Diet, which is good for women of a "certain age" (menopausal:(
    and started last Friday. So far so good. I really hope you win a giveaway!

  4. i've joined as well!

    good luck!!!!

  5. I'm taking the slow and steady route...I've lost 2 lbs so far this month, just watching what I've been eating. My goal for the whole year is 12...let's hope I can maintain!

    Good luck on your challenge!!