Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Night Chit-Chat!

Hey, look at that....I am on line on a Sunday night, and able to link up with Antie Eboo and Carla for some Sunday Night Chit Chat!
Dinner was Chicken Enchiladas (or at least that is what G-man, Bossy, and I ate).  Sassy, who has gotten uber-picky had left over burgers from last night.  My only cooking/baking that will happen for the rest of the night will be setting up the coffee pot for tomorrow.

I am currently reading Destined, the latest in the House of Night series.  Fine reading this is not.  It is teenager reading, about vampires and the super natural.  But it is a guilty pleasure.  On TV, I would watch the Survivor finale, but I promised the kids we would watch it together tomorrow.  So I will probably watch some stuff off of the DVR (I am at almost 30% clear!).

Listening to...
At the very moment...I am listening to Wonder Pets.  But my girlfriend will probably call in a bit, and I will listen to her rant about the Packers loss.

Looking forward to this week...
Not having anything EXTRA this week!!!  Just the usual stuff.  Oh, and Christmas!!!  Kids and I will bake cookies on Christmas Eve, as we have every year since they were 3.

Happy you accomplished this weekend...
I finished our submission for Scholastic Book Fair contest (for PTA).  I also made a big dent in the laundry, and picking up around the house.

Pretty quiet Sunday night for us.  G-man is at work.  I am finishing up some decorating.  After the kids go to bed I will finish wrapping their gifts.  Too bad I don't have any wine, or I might live dangerously!


  1. Sounds like a good weekend overall! :) What kind of cookies do you make?

  2. I had first glass of wine since getting pregnant with my 4 month old. It was a carmel apple sweet wine and it was fantastic! $7.50 for a bottle and less than 3 ounces had me wobbly and giggly.

  3. Wine and wrapping sounds like fun! It's how I spend every Christmas Eve!

  4. @Carla - we make traditional sugar cookies for Santa. The kids each have a favorite cookie cutter, and we pick out the best cookies to leave out for Santa.

    @Jolene - you are a cheap date! ;)

    @MichelleDobbyn - wine and wrapping is almost as fun as wine and addressing Christmas Cards!