Friday, December 16, 2011

A quick check in

The scooters are taken care of.  We have Bossy's, and Sassy's has been ordered and will be delivered on Monday.  Now we just need to unload the netbooks.

Money is TIGHT right now.  The extra money we are putting toward the retirement loan is really squeezing us.  Payday is not until 12/21.  Both cars needed gas yesterday, so that ate up a chunk.  Groceries are fine for the week....maybe we will need milk before payday, but that should be it.

I am ready to start fresh.  I am done with this year.

I got a $100 Christmas Bonus.  G-man told me to go spend it on myself.  I told him I was either going to put it in our EF, or towards the retirement loan.  He thinks I need to do more for myself.  I think that I am ok with the level I am doing for myself and that I will be happier knowing the money went towards something "important."

I am looking forward to doing our taxes in a few weeks.  We always seem to owe State taxes (or at least we have the past few years).  We had extra taken out this year, but I never got around to my analysis of it to see if it was really enough.  Just have to wait and see.  Plus, the refi in January will let us deduct points and such.  I am really hoping we get back around $2000.  Usually it is about $1000, when you account for paying State.  If it is that much (PLEASE!!!), $500 will go towards fixing Bossy's room, $200 will go in the home maintenance account, and the remainder will go to EF (or possibly part to CC and part to EF).

I have all sorts of stuff lined up for you I hope you will check back.  I know I haven't been the most interesting blogger for awhile, but I am working my way back!


  1. I agree, I think you should do a little something for yourself.

    And I hope you get a big refund!

  2. I second G-man. It doesn't have to be anything great or fancy. Just something for yourself (or the both of you!). It is extra money and money that wasn't accounted for. You both have been through a lot of stressful situations recently, so a little treat can only help.

    Hope your refund comes through as you hoped!

  3. I agree with G-Man (don't be shocked!)

  4. Well I am going to be the 4th one who says go treat yourself to something. You deserve it.

  5. See, I'm the same exact way! If a friend told me they got a $100 Christmas bonus, I would totally say they should spend it on themselves, especially if they had worked as hard as your family has this year. But when it's me receiving graduation gift money, everyone else is telling me to spend it on something "fun," while all I can think is, "This is a lot of money! It should go to my debt!"

  6. Hi sweetie! I just gave you an award on my blog! :D