Monday, December 19, 2011

Decor a la Mysti - part 1

I truly think that my love of decorating for the holidays comes from my mother's complete LACK of decorating.  I love for the house to look special and dressed up.  Granted, it is much more fun to put it up than take it down.  But sitting in the evening and just looking at it is nice.

So, wanna take a tour of my decor???  My real camera decided to die, so most of these pictures are complements of my cell phone.  Sorry for the poor quality of some of them!!

Downstairs Powder Room:  These trees were purchased last year from Michael's.  The ornaments came from a local discount place, and my fancy tree skirt is a scarf from the Dollar store.  And of course everything needs some bows!

Upstairs Bathroom:  Another Michael's tree purchased last year.  The ornaments are little beads I bought and hand strung.

Hallway:  My stairs have had several versions of decoration over the years.  Right now we are keeping it pretty simple.  The stockings sort of block the decoration.  And of course my snowmen!  They have been collected for several years.  They used to be spread all over the place...but I think having them as a group is more impactful.  I try and add one every year.  I just luv them!!

Living Room:  These little trees were purchased from the Dollar Store years ago.  Actually, all but that Snowman came from the Dollar store.  They used to be on top of our Entertainment cabinet, but once we took that down, they got displaced.  So here they are.

Alcove:  I gotta tell you....this tree and I have not gotten along this year.  The base broke when I was setting it up.  I epoxied it....seemed ok....then broke again.  We ended up having to buy a new base, and it didn't fit.  The two adapters were either too big, or too small.  *sigh*.  We ended up having to stuff the adapter that was too big.  Now the tree is up, but it isn't the sturdiest (notice the lean?).  I also fell coming down the attic stairs and dropped the box with the ornaments....luckily only one broke.  I almost gave up on this tree.  But I love the decor on it (lots of glittered ornaments!) , so I had to push on.

The bookcase decor used to be downstairs, but it moved up here this year.  I have no idea why the wall looks blue behind is actually a dark brown.  Gotta love lighting!

Tomorrow....see the kids' trees and our main tree!


  1. Love the decorations! I've been so busy with work related holiday stuff, that I've neglected the house and getting it ready for Christmas. We have our tree up though, so I've been enjoying looking at it, esp with the lights on. Can't wait to see more pictures!

  2. I love all of your decorations! Our house looks extremely bare compared to this.

  3. My Mother is a Christmas nut so I inherited a ton of her things. I love what you have done with the little trees.

  4. Your place looks amazing. Makes me want to dress my place up more!!!!

  5. I love the little trees! Looks really festive

  6. @Jode - I love sitting in the living room with just the Christmas lights on. Enjoy your tree!

    @Michelle - The decorations have taken years to accumulate. I think back to when we first got married, and how EMPTY our tree must have been.

    @Kim - thanks! I love my little trees.

    @Lindsay - I wouldn't say amazing...but thank you. There is actually stuff I didn't put out this year. But I also have more to show you guys.

    @Judy - My little trees are no longer sold at the dollar store. Glad I got them when I did.

  7. Just beautiful! And I see we share an unnatural love for snowmen... lol! ;) I love them to bits too! They're Sooo cute! :)

  8. I love the snowmen! and seeing those lovely decorations on the bannister makes me wish I had stairs. very nice!

  9. Wow, I'm just seeing these pics now! What a beautiful job you've done with all of your decorations. If Martha Stewart is ever looking for a replacement, you should apply!