Monday, December 26, 2011

Post Christmas Post

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday celebration, filled with love, family and friends.  But now Christmas is over....and New Years is only a few days away!

Our Christmas Eve was lovely.  The kids enjoyed decorating cookies and throwing the Reindeer Dust.  Dinner was yummy, and while we still had a few last minute things to do....the evening was quiet.

Christmas morning started around 7am, and was met with happy faces.  The bonus of the day was Bossy throwing himself around us saying THANK YOU! for his Operation game.  We have never seen him so excited over a gift!  Things like that don't really it was very special for us.

The kids loved their scooters, and played outside for awhile.  While it will take some practice to get the balance down, they are having a great time learning.

My favorite gift....the kids got me a cactus and an aloe plant, and painted the pots themselves.  Sassy painted all the things I love (a book, a heart, a tiger...which stands for our cats).  Bossy went the abstract route.  They are just perfect, and by far my favorite gift.

Today will be spent putting things away and general clean up. 

Our checkbook is still tight until after New Years.  Oh, how I can't wait for our Flexible Spending to restart!!!  I have some upcoming posts about our plans for 2012, goals, etc.  But for today....I am just going to enjoy the post Christmas glow.


  1. Merry Christmas Card Swap Buddy!

  2. I'm glad you had a good weekend. :)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day! We had a peaceful Christmas. I can't wait for the flex account to refill either.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy that glow...

  5. That's so sweet about Bossy and the Operation game:) and I'm glad the girls are happy with their Plan B scooters! Probably the better buy in the long run!
    Enjoy the GLOW!

  6. That's awesome about Bossy and the gift! I can just imagine how he looked as we had a similar reaction with our Andrew over a gift that Auntie gave him. He just went mad hugging her and thanking her and like Bossy, he doesn't normally do things like that. It was so cool. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas