Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays to All!

I hope you all are done with your preparations, and have the weekend to just chillax' with friends and family.

We were able to sell our netbooks for what we paid (we only lost shipping)!  Plus, someone bought both, so that was fabulous.  We returned the mouse(s) for a full refund.  So we are thrilled with that outcome, albeit still disappointing that our idea didn't work out.

Christmas Eve Day will be spent baking cookies for Santa, and of course picking out the BEST ones for the Santa plate.  We will make reindeer dust (oatmeal or crushed Cherrios and glitter) to sprinkle outside for the reindeer to see from the they know where to go of course.  We always track Santa on NORAD as well.  The kids have their new jammies ready to go, and I think we have all our bases covered for groceries, gifts, etc.

Bossy has picked out Calzones for our Christmas Eve dinner, and Sassy has picked out Ham for Christmas Day (in her is a classic!).  We are looking forward to a few days of quiet family time. 

I will be back in a few days to share my end of the year thoughts....get geared up for 2012....and all that jazz.

So please have a wonderful safe.  Blessed Be!!!


  1. Merry Christmas Mysti! May you have a joyous, blessed and wonderful weekend! :)

  2. Happy Holidays! Wish you the best!! and yes I read the post about pink hair LOL


  3. Merry Christmas Mysti! We have many of the same traditions as you do! Norad, deer food, pjs, best cookies for Santa...