Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Possible Gamechanger

I can look at it two ways: 

At least it is happening in 2011, and therefore the good Ju-Ju for 2012 is still in tact......


This will be a 2012 snag that will need to be accounted for early on, and therefore not a huge thing.

G-man's second job is in flux right now.  The manager has a bit of a power trip and is taking it out on everyone.  He made the schedule this week (instead of the department manager) and went back to everyone's original availability that they filled out at hire.  Well, G-man has worked there 9 years....um, ya think some things have changed in 9 years?????  Heck, one gal has worked there since she was 16 and she is now pushing 40....ya think that a 16 yr old has a different availability than a 40 year old???

He tried to talk to the manager about it, and he got all big and puffy about it.  Threatened to fire G-man if he doesn't honor his availability.  (He is Union, so I am not sure he can even do this).  But in the least, while the store manager is making the schedule, OUR schedule is going to be a little up in the air.

Plus, if G-man does lose his job....that will be a MAJOR gamechanger.  Right now, we are letting sleeping dogs lie.  After the New Year, G-man plans to visit a few other places to see about employment.  NOT having the second job isn't an option right now. 

But in the meantime....we have no idea how many hours he will be getting, what days he will be working, or if he will have a job!

I am not super worried....just enough to write a post about it.  ;)


  1. Wow his manager sounds horrible. And that's crazy! I hope everything works out.

  2. Can you (or G-man) escalate this? That is truly ridiculous. On my part-time job, I've changed availability almost on a yearly basis, and there is no way whatsoever I could do the hours I used to do when I started there. What that manager is doing is wrong (from a legal standpoint, not just morally), but as you said, unions are different. I'd definitely try to escalate it. And as always, document document document. Especially that talk he already had with that manager.

  3. @Michelle - yes, this manager is horrible.

    @Tanner - it will escalate soon. Things will slow down in a few days, and at that point things will change.

  4. I'm sure your Dh isn't the only one who is going to have problems with this manager and his schedule. Hopefully, it will all work out soon! Can he complain to his union rep?

  5. Hoo boy, I sure hope things work out for the best for hubby and you - that manager needs to get it together - must be the type of person who can't admit they made a mistake...a MAJOR mistake!

  6. What an idiot! I mean who goes by the availability from when your first hired?

    Hope it gets fixed fast

  7. Really hope this turns out for you guys!! Keep us updated!