Friday, September 30, 2011

Sassy's Party has reached....

an entirely new level of I don't even know what.

We sent home a note to the mom that we couldn't reach.  That was Tuesday.  She didn't call.  We assumed the child wasn't coming.  We had to put Sassy through the talk of "no one is coming" to your party.  Broke our hearts.  We rallied and came up with Plan B....lunch and a movie.

I talked to the mom of the girl who wanted to come but had allergies, and 1)  Kid doesn't like movies so she doesn't want to go to that, but 2) she does want to go to lunch.  Ok.  We can make that work.  Then Mom says she doesn't feel comfortable leaving the child at the mall (where the restaurant is).  Even though an adult will be present at all times.  So she invited herself to lunch.

OK....we can still make this work.  Lunch for for Daddy and Sassy.  Good.

Well, Kid #3's mom JUST called, and said she IS coming.  WTF????  I had to tell her we changed the party, and she was fine with that.  She was unsure if the Kid will be at her house or her father's this weekend, so that will decide if we will pick the kid up, or what.

So now it is Lunch for for 3.  I have a feeling in the end, this version of the party will be more expensive than the original party!

Don't get me wrong....I know Sassy will be sooooo happy!!!!  And this is all about her.  But really?  How many more levels of screwed up can you get?????

And as a side more kid RSVPed for Bossy's he will have 3 friends attend (plus his sister).  He is psyched about it.


  1. Well alls well that ends well....but that is kinda insane


  2. People are just soooo flippin' rude! Hang in there.