Monday, September 19, 2011

Remember that reimbursement money???

I posted about having some reimbursement money from items I got for PTA, and my generous money from the Bank of Parents to restock our fridge after the storm. Additionally....we scraped together a little more.  In total, we had about $1,000.

I am not gonna lie....there was a temptation to go and spend it.  But we didn't.  We ultimately decided to snowball CC3!

Even though this CC has a rate of 1.99% until January 2013, and we have higher rate cards, we decided that we could see the most progress by doing it this way.  Just about all payments will go to principle, and not interest.  Plus, this will allow us to possibly transfer more to this card later on since we will have more room.

I am NOT happy at the balances of the other cards.  Some was frivolous spending....some was storm prep.  G-man's glasses, food.  So here we are.  Excuses?  Maybe.  But our budget seems to be settling down some, and we have a 3-paycheck month coming in October for G-man, so I am hoping that half of that will go to topping off the EF, and the other half to debt.

Well....if the move is back in play....that money will get hoarded...but we will know about that before we hit October.

Plus, I already know that G-man's dental emergency will up our medical bills, but until I get the bill...I am not sure what that number will look like.  And the kids have a check-up coming.  I cancelled my dentist appointment, as my teeth are just fine and I can wait.

I am still bummed that we are $2,000 OVER where we were 6 weeks ago.  If we get some money back from the car issues, that will help.  And we will be submitting some amended tax returns.  Those will help.

Back up on the horse, the wagon...whatever.


  1. Just keep going, that is all any of us can do!

  2. Yay. That was my suggestion. Don't worry you will get there. I see cc3 gone very very soon. Perhaps they will let you have another Balance transfer Offer soon

  3. Good luck! Its always hard to know exactly what the "right" decision is -- but go with your gut, that always seems to work best!

  4. Don't give up. It's the only way to reach the finish line!


  5. keep on the up & up! that is wonderful that you got to put that towards that debt!!! definitely a great move :)