Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I did something rare for me....

I totally JACKED UP the radio in the car on my way to work! 

Yeah, I am sure driving on the highway, with my pink hair and mini-van....with Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry blasting was a sight to be seen.  I just had the need to lose myself in the music, and get my energy level up.

I had back to back stuff (appointments, then work, then PTA which lasted forever) yesterday.  I was drained.  We all woke up late this morning (forgot to set the alarm....which NEVER happens). So we all started today a bit frazzled.  Add in that G-man had a change in schedule today, which meant I had to make lunch for the kids (which typically he does)....and we were out of just about everything.....

I needed that blast of energy.  Let's see if I can sustain it. 

Work is a mess.  Nuf said on that front.

I am sort of biding my time over the next several weeks.  We have some OT coming in our checks, a possible change in my schedule, 3-paycheck month for G-man in October.  I am hoping that we can hit some mini-goals and get back on track for several things.

G-man submitted his application for the new job yesterday, so we are back in the wait and see mode.  Funny thing...I am completely not stressed about this one like I usually am.  I am just going to ride the wave and see where we land.

Maybe I try too hard to make my life what I think it should be.  Maybe I need to just see where it takes us and know we are going to land where we are supposed to.


  1. Good attitude, I always tell myself if it was meant to be it will happen. This SOMETIMES helps. It would have irritated me a in my 30's to hear this but in my 50's I know it is true.

  2. Keep riding that wave, girlie... Turn the music up on life and follow the road ahead of you!

  3. Hmmm I think I will try that to. I am so tired of always feeling anxious

    Rock on


  4. I always wonder if people are judging me...I can be in a suit in tie in a normal car with techno blasting on the way home from work. HAHAHA As long as you are happy!

  5. I love to blast the music and sing in my car! It's best on long drives where no one can see me singing like a crazy lady, loudly and badly. And I mean REALLY off key!

  6. Good for you, sometimes you just need it!

  7. I'm with you - sometimes you just have to ride & do what you can with what you got :)

    good luck with G-man trying for a new job!

  8. Good luck! I blast country music in my car.. and I don't exactly live in a bastion of country music fans.