Monday, September 26, 2011

Channeling that Emotional Pain

I will post more about the party fiasco later....but since yesterday, this has been at the fore front of my mind.  The kids don't know yet. of right now, 1 friend is coming, and MY friend and her son (so I guess that makes 2 kids).  He will be fine with that.

And it is weighing on me how to tell Sassy.  I have confirmed now that 2 of the 3 girls invited are NOT coming.

I am so mentally exhausted at this point.  It is starting to effect me physically, where my stomach is sick.  My sleep is disrupted.  I don't like this.

So I am trying to channel the upset into something more productive.  I am trying not to eat....because that opens another can of worms.  Trying not to spend money....again, Pandora's Box there.  So I have to turn to another and organization!

I am down to 10 items on the "31" To-Do list.  And there is a good chance that at least 3-4 of those will get done when I get home from work today.  We won't talk about the new To-do list yet.  I am really trying to finish that first list before I tackle the next list.  I am focusing on the feeling of crossing things off....the feeling of completion.

As I have been cleaning...I am putting that extra effort behind it.  Being upset will do that to you.  It is fuel for the fire. We are closing out the month in a few would be nice to have things DONE and start fresh.  Of course, the catch behind all of this is that the events are actually Oct 1 and 2, so while I am scrubbing away the week, I am just getting closer to the weekend.

If it isn't one is another.



  1. I'm so sorry, Mysti. I hope in a day or two you will all be looking back on a nice party - with or without some of the guests. Have a wonderful time with those who are there. xo

  2. I am so sorry. It is so hard with kids, it justbreaks your heart.

    2 of my nieces had a very hard time in elementary (or as we call it primary ) school. Struggled to make friends, or wanted to make friends with the popular kids who haveall the power in the world to choose who they wanted to be friends with and seemed to abuse that. When they got to high school, they were really able to find a group where they fit. With that their confidence grew and they really blossomed. I am sure if people saw how they interacted with people now and or if people saw them out at clubs they would never guess that they ever had false friends, and also were both bullied. I hope that Sassy is not experiencing the same problems as them, but if she is it isn't the defining moment of her life.

    I wonder if focussing on the fact that it isn't the defining moment with her will make her understand it more. Unfortunately it feels like the end of the world at the time. I think we have all had at least one party in our lives that didn't go very well, or that only a few people turned up to. It hurts like hell, but the sting goes with time.

  3. I'm sorry with the party, I'm sure it'll still be fun though.

  4. Make it the most fun they ever had even with just one guest. Believe me it wont matter. My middle one had a party in gradeschool and only one person showed up so we just had a blast! Even now the two of them talk about how it was the best party ever.


  5. It is always so hard when your child is the one that is hurt! I remember when I had my dd a friend told me that it is like wearing your heart on the outside of your body. I would tell her then just try to remind her how much fun she will be having with the friend that is coming. Also talk about how much fun the party is going to be and all the things that you will be doing. I am so sorry things like this are so hard on kids and their parents.

  6. No one is coming to her party. 3 of 3. Not coming. No one.

    How do you tell your child that no one is coming...

  7. Hi Mysti: I know you had high hopes for this one perfect day for your daughter. Don't let your disappointment affect your daughter. It's just one day, and who knows why the girls declined; go to Plan about a Mom and daughter day? Have a special lunch, go to the spa, have fun, laugh, tell corny jokes. Is Sassy in Brownies, Girl Scouts, dance or some group activity outside of school? I'm sure she would love to spend this time with you. Through the year plan fun activities, like making Halloween decorations/candy, Dec gingerbread houses, Feb valentine Sassy can invite a potential friend over. If you think Bossy will be a problem, have the G-man take him out for some guy time fun. You can do this! This one disappointment does not define you and it does not define Sassy.