Monday, August 22, 2011

When you just don't wanna....

I don't wanna clean.  I don't wanna look at the finances.  I don't wanna worry, or crunch numbers.  I just don't wanna!!!!

What do I want to do?

I want to sit outside and read a book.

I want to make cute little pumpkins for fall.

I want to get really organized for PTA stuff this year.

I want to window shop to redecorate the living room.

I want to start the renovation on Bossy's room.

I want to work in the garden.

But instead.....I dropped the kids off at camp, will work all day, take Bossy to OT.  Come home and fix dinner, throw a load of laundry in.  Clean the cat box.  Attempt to clear out some junk from my kitchen.  At some point I have PTA stuff that I have to do.

I started making my to-do list, and I got tired.  It all seems like it needs to be NOW.  It is a little overwhelming....but at the same time, when you cross stuff off your is so exhilarating!!!


  1. Put a couple things on your to do list that you have already just done, like dropping the kids off at camp. Then you can cross it off and feel like you've already made good headway on your list. It can work so well psychologically sometimes.

  2. I'm looking over our finances after our vacation, and I just don't want to either!

  3. Jolie, I love your idea.

    There never seems to be enough time. I hope you can find time for at least one thing. You need a win.

  4. It is obvious that you are busy, but you do the things that you either want to do or should do! The adult knows there are things you do not want to do, but should do. Go do it!:)

  5. @Jolie - can I put get up and take a shower on my list, since I already did that 4 hrs ago?

    @Michelle - maybe it won't be too bad.

    @Niki - I am hoping to take 30 min to do something I want to do....but the 20 more things that have gotten added to my plate since I wrote this post seem to have another idea...

    @Krants - I always do what I HAVE to do....just would be nice once in a while to get to do what I WANT to do.

  6. I agree... so put on your list the things you've already done, do one of the things you don't wanna do and then do something you wanna do. Rewards are important with all the stress you've been through.

  7. I feel the same way today. And truthfully I havent done anything....guesse I better get a move on dinner at least


  8. I know I have told you this before. Make a list and then put brush teeth at the top. Cross this off. Sometimes that is all you will accomplish!

  9. One day the debts will be paid off and the kids will be married and out of the house so enjoy this time now! One day you will miss dropping off the kids at camp and making dinner for the family!


  10. gotcha on the 'don't wannas' im with ya ;)