Sunday, August 21, 2011

GBU - August 21, 2011

Let's see how we fared THIS week....

The Good: 

  • Completed and submitted my application for the full time job
  • Was able to get the oil bill down a little
  • Credit card transfer completed and posted
  • Paycheck this week for me was a little higher due to a few extra hours.
  • Managed to go to Target and spend nothing, and went to Walmart and spent $12!

The Bad:
  • Having to redo the budget to compensate for the mortgage and a few other things
  • Went to the furniture store to look around, and found out about an unadvertised sale next weekend...temptation abound!
  • That constant feeling of being a day late, and a dollar short

The Ugly:
  • Forgot that TWO cats need their annual check-up
  • G-man started laundry, and left it all in the musty now it ALL has to be rewashed.
  • Tons of yard work to do!

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week?????


  1. The good -
    I did a pretty good job doing back to school shopping on a tight budget.

    I worked extra hours this pay period so my paycheck next Friday will show it.

    The bad -
    I am feeling a lot of guilt for working so much this summer and not spending enough time with my starts tomorrow. I can't figure out how to balance my need to get out of debt, my need to enjoy my kidlets, and my need to get my house clean. They keep growing up, my house keeps getting dirtier, and our debt keeps me from enjoying life with my family like I want to.

    Speaking house is a disaster and I seriously do need to find time to get on top of crazy life and work schedule have taken a huge toll

    The ugly -
    I feel your pain being a day late and a dollar short...I went into the over draft a little to cover expenses between paychecks this week. I paid it right back when DH got his paycheck...but the whole thing made me feel like we are slipping backwards again.

    My oldest kidlet...the son getting married making me crazy. He is 21, still thinks I need to buy his body soap, deodarant, car insurance, cellphone etc for him...won't help much if at all around the house...and I found out that he and his fiance are planning to try for babies as soon as they get married. I am not ready (or old enough:) to be a grandma...and I don't think they are ready to take care of a baby! He still has a good 3 1/2 years of college to go.

    Now you know why I escape to Bachelor Pad land once a week:)

  2. The Good
    We managed to stay within our budget on vacation.

    The Bad
    I start classes this week.

    The Ugly
    I start classes this week.

    As you can tell, I'm not looking forward to classes!

  3. Good: I had a couple guys come pick up our VERY OLD & broken washing machine from the basement for free this week, just in time for my new washer to be picked up.

    Bad: Hubby is sick & has missed 1 & 1/2 nights of work. :(

    Ugly: Next weeks budget us going to be VERY tight! To say the least...

  4. The good: I got the antique wedding dress done and out of the shop!

    The bad: The wedding dress was a gift for hubbies boss (daughter)

    The ugly: My budget is so backward this summer that I feel like I am starting over. Have I made any progress?

  5. The good: I got nominated for a blogging award and won an Amazon gift card.

    The bad: Child support hasn't come in yet and I'm running real low on funds.

    The ugly: Because I was totally disorganized and lazy, I missed the kids' first day of school.

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