Friday, August 19, 2011

Things that made me giggle this week

I have not had a good week personally.  School drama....PTA drama....  Add in that yesterday was the 4th anniversary of my twin girls' death...and my ability to deal with things this week has gone to pot.

I did submit my resume and application for the full time job.  So now I wait on that.

But on the lighter side of my week....a few things that I just had to smile about:

1) The mini Cooper car with the license plate "weeeee"

2) The car with the license plate LD ZPLN  (inside joke between me and G-man....all songs are sung by Led Zepplin, I bet you didn't know that....oh, and Led is HOT.)

3) An e-mail at work that questioned using the word "butt" in a report...and what would be better?  Posterior? Bottom?  Padonkadonk?

4) Watching the cat fall off the table and look around like "did anyone see me???"

5) Bossy walking around with a stuffed pig on his idea why


6) My brother ordered 2 of the same thing for Bossy for his birthday...and didn't seem to notice.  I was like "bro....didn't you think the price was a little high???"  Goober.

How about you....what made you laugh this week???


  1. Sorry about the loss of your girls, but glad that you found stuff to make you smile! :D

  2. Well, after I got over the horror of flooding my bathroom and having to file an insurance claim, I was able to laugh about it... Don't know if that counts, it was kind of a maniacal, crazed giggle, but I did laugh.

  3. Mysti, I still grieve my daughters loss and that was 26 years ago! Go ahead life is precious. Not much has made me laugh this week, maybe I need to work on that!

  4. Big Brother...when Kasey made the heart tattoo on his forearm "beat" and then looked at the camera and said it was "guard and protect" time:)

  5. LOL Mysti this list is too funny.

    How's about derrière? Oh la la!

  6. Sorry about your girls.

    Sounds like you've had a lot of giggles this week though. I love the "weeeee" license plate!

  7. Sometimes you have to laugh and do whatever you can to go through the week