Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This is my 500th Post

Just over two years blogging, and here we are....number 500. 

I am not one of those bloggers who now can proclaim that I am debt free.  We are not "gazelle intense" by definition.  We continue to struggle with all of this.  We have worked a plan, revised a plan....RE-revised a plan.  As much as I would like to say it is all working like clock isn't.

Murphy is my third child.  Despite having an EF....despite having a budget....despite planning for various things....he seems to like it here and has already unpacked his bags and raided the fridge.  I could cry about it (and I have), but it is what it is. 

Some people think I am overly indulgent with my kids.  Yes, they go to camp (which we paid cash for).  Yes, they are having a big birthday party, and yes, it appears at Christmas that they get alot.  But these kids rarely get stuff outside of big events.  I took them shoe shopping for school...and they both needed shoes.  Their feet had to have been squished for awhile based on the new sizes....but they didn't tell us.  They didn't want to bother us.  These kids are as excited about new underwear as they are when they got the Wii last year (which was free....and one of the best things we could have gotten for Bossy....his coordination has vastly improved).

I read alot of PF blogs (even if I don't always comment).  And there aren't alot of them that have as much happen to them as what happens to us.  Yet...I still tell you everything....the good and the bad.  I don't expect everyone to agree with me all the time, and yes, 2x4s are necessary sometimes.  But I am at least honest.

Here I stand....roughly 12k from where I started.  I have no idea how much I have actually paid....WAY more than 12k.  We spend alot of time treading water....I know that.  But it is at least SOMETHING.  And I am proud of that.


  1. The title of your blog says it all --- Digging Out From Our Mess. Sometimes when you're making your garden and you've got your shovel in hand, you hit rock. And not just any rock, big huge boulders that seem impossible to get free. So then you have to pry and chip and pry some more to get it out. Your garden seems to have a lot of big huge rocks.... but you're making progress. And when its all done, its going to be fabulous and beautiful and colorful.

    Congratulations on #500!

  2. Happy 500th, you don't look a day over 250

  3. WOW 500th??? I'm at 215 lol

    I don't think you are overly indulgent with the kids and 12k in 2 years is great! That's a lot of money towards debt, just keep doing what you're doing.


  4. Congrats on Post#500! 12k in 2 years is great! I have only started on my journey to become debt free and I hope that I can put that much into debt, and to build an EF.

    Looking forward to your next 500 posts!!

  5. Mysti, I think you are doing a fantastic job. I am glad that you spend money on your kids. Camp is an experience for them that they will never forget. Having kids enjoy their childhood is important and your children sound like wonderful people.

    At our house getting underwear is exciting too. For everyone.

    I know you will get through this. And your honesty is 100% appreciated. You are the Queen of reworking a plan.

    Happy 500!

  6. Girl, I am the same boat with you. I have a spare bedroom and Murphy is the whiny child that occupies space!

    I also have children with issues, not the same, but equally social prohibitive. I am in a wheelchair part time (slow getting out of it) and we indulge our children as well, in life experiences.

    Hang in there girl! It will happen! 12K is nothing to smirk over - that is HUGE!

  7. I hear you on the re-re-re-revising a revised plan. *sigh*

    Honestly the only thing I've ever found to really battle Murphy effectively with is kind of annoying-- positive thinking.

    I know, I roll my eyes too but I also know it's true. When things get really crappy for me, I force myself to start writing gratitude lists. And I start paying attention to all of the really nasty thoughts my brain conjures up for me.

    And then... I don't know if Murphy's allergic to that sort of thing or maybe I just become less sensitive to his presence. But it seems to work. It's just kind of exhausting for me to maintain it.

  8. You are the first blog I read, you are also one of my favorites because you are honest and tell all. It makes me feel comfortable with my problems. I will not get out of debt in two years, but I am trying and so are you. Congratulations.

  9. $12k is awesome! Life happens, and life experiences should be enjoyed. Great job on chiseling away at your debt and on your 500-versary!

  10. Congrats on your 500th post! You've had quite the journey. Years from now you'll be able to look back on this and realize how far you've come to be where you are now. It's blogs like yours that inspired me to start blogging in the first place. It's a diary of sorts :)

  11. congrats on the 500th post! it's the 'real life' ups and downs of trying to manage finances that I think most of us struggle with. for me thats what I like about the blogs I read, real people with real life problems.
    $12000 is fantastic and you've certainly had a helluva year!
    spoiled kids? rubbish!! you're doing a great job

  12. 12k in 2 years isn't nearly as exciting as it should be. It was supposed to be closer to 20k by now!!!

    But yes, this is sort of a diary....and you all have the key. :)

  13. Congrats on 500 posts!! :) You're paying down your debt as you see fit, it's up to you in the end & if anyone has issues with that, perhaps they'd like to chip in! ;) lol!

  14. Mysti I think you are doing wonderful. As my grandmom always said "fall down seven get up eight" and thats all that matters is that you get up. You are a great mom, wife and person give yourself some deserve it.

    Also 12k is a great amount to pay off.

    Congratualtions and heres to 500 more


  15. Congrats on your 500th post! It also sounds like you're very focused on paying off your debt, despite some blunders, it's admirable. As Judy just mentioned, give yourself some credit for a great job. :)

  16. I have enjoyed each of the 500 inspire need to keep writing and keep working (and re-working) the plan...and you pretty much rock the free world Mysti:)

  17. congrats on 500!!!! way to go!

    and don't feel bad about the treading water, we have been doing it for the past two years too... oh well - in due time right?

  18. I agree with all those who have mentioned what a great job you're doing. Keep your head up and keep moving forward. Congrats on 500, that's amazing!