Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We waited as long as we could....

but today is the day.  The air conditioners are going in.  Typically, the A/C goes in sometime in late June.  We try not to run it constantly, but it all depends on Mother Nature.  I know that the window units aren't the most efficient, but it is what we have.

The kids have box fans in their bedrooms, which actually do a nice job cooling their rooms, especially Sassy's room.  We do have A/C for them, but hopefully we won't need them.

The downstairs and our bedroom....those are animals of a different color.  The downstairs is just heavy with humidity.  As I type, my arms are sticking to the desk.  The floor in the kitchen just is sticky.  I think it is 20 degrees cooler OUTSIDE than it is in the house.  And our bedroom...I need it cooler.  Our windows face South, so it just retains heat.

While I was enjoying the prospect of lower electric bills....the time has come.  The good thing?  Here in CT, we have short summers, so it may be 6 weeks of use.  Not horrible.  I am looking forward to actually getting some sleep tonight, and being able to sit in the living room without sweat running down my back.


  1. It just got our inside unit replaced, cost: $2000 dollars!!!! but AC is something you need here in Texas where the average temps are in the 100's!!


  2. I was recently up in CT (and some other NE states)... it reminded me that central A/C isn't a "given" like I take it to be.


    I try not to use my A/C much -- which is hard in Florida. My house retains the cool air pretty well. So I can run it for a couple hours and then just leave it off until the house gets back to the 85+ range.

    I want a new thermostat. My old one is impossible to adjust correctly, which is why I don't just set the air for 82F (livable for me) and ignore it.

  3. I grew up in New York/New Jersey and even went to camp in Connecticut. I remember the summer heat, particularly the humidity. Last week my A/C went and it was out a few days during our 100+ heat. It makes you realize it is not a luxury.

  4. I have central and it has been on since June. Both my mom and my son have asthma so breathing is important.

    plus the real feel temp today was 110 degrees in philly


  5. Heat Index of 115 in Birmingham today --- I got out of the car in Mobile (traveling for work) and it was almost like I could swim through the air --- humidity is hideous. I've been running the AC (and whining about it) for MONTHS!

  6. I just found your blog and I must say I am impressed! We are in the middle of the US and it has been blazing lately. We have been under heat warnings for about a week now. I wish we could have kept the A/C off this long, but we would have all melted by now. Keep up the good work!!

  7. It is sooooo much better in here!!!! We didn't realize how hot it actually got. There were some record breaking temps yesterday!

  8. 6 weeks isn't bad at all --- if you are comfortable, you can be more resourceful in other ways because you can think better (sounds like it could be the case, right?)