Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another Edition of.....JUST DO IT!

C'mon people....we all know that there are those nagging things that we put off doing because 1) they aren't fun, 2) we think it will take too long, and/or 3) we don't have all the "stuff" we need.

This list just grows and grows because we aren't willing to just break down and DO IT.  Each time I have done this "challenge,"  I tend to find that whatever I was putting off isn't worth the amount of energy I was actually putting into PUTTING OFF.

So here is today's JUST DO IT list, to be accomplished by bedtime tonight:

1)  Write letter to try and get my last month of Weight Watchers fee reimbursed. (95% DONE....need to call and confirm a date, then it will be ready to go.)
2)  Bring blankets up to attic. (DONE!  2 minutes)
3)  Rearrange fridge so I can find stuff.  (DONE!  About 20 minutes, including cutting up a watermelon)
4)  Wipe down fridge inside door. (DONE!!!  Took about 10 minutes)
5)  Call credit card and try and lower interest rate!!!  (DONE...but unsuccessful.  Boo.  Took about 5 minutes)

So....I challenge you to JUST DO IT.  Pick 2-3 things that you have been putting off and just take care of it.  Make that doctor's appointment....schedule the car oil change.....bring in that box of stuff from the car....whatever!!!  JUST DO IT!

Update 5:00pm - making progress!!!! 
Update 9:15pm - Done (minus one quick thing!)


  1. This is a great idea. I most often put off tasks like writing letters and calling companies. Thankfully I was forced to do a bunch of those (they had time deadlines) in June and earlier this month. I don't like having those hang over my head. So my challenges for today will be:
    1. Put away at least some of the clothes all over our bedroom
    2. Clean bathroom and kitchen floors
    3. Organize my desk
    4. Use new notebooks to organize bank stuff (I could have merged this with point 3 but I'm running out of stuff I really want to do, LOL)
    5. Get box of clothing for charity re-sorted out and put all the things around the house that belong in that box, in the box.

    Point 2 is the one I really don't want to do.

  2. Ok, I'll jump in:

    1. Put away folded laundry in bedroom.
    2. Clean desk, organize paperwork.
    3. Call cable company, switch to internet only to save money.

    That's all I can manage today, as I work 2 one-hour long split-shifts.

  3. Same here -

    1) Finish the ironing
    2) Clean my bathrooms
    3) Clean out fridge
    4) Update BF's customer database

  4. I jumped in too...

    I posted about it here:


  5. I am going to...
    1. Call verizon to ask about a questionable charge.
    2. Start working on clean out my junk/scrapbook room...there are piles and piles in is prolly like your attic used to be before the yard sale:)

    Let me know how calling the credit card company goes...I have been thinking about doing that too...


  6. maybe, I am an exception. I usually don't put off things that relate to money. I may put off cleaning out the garage, but it has very little consequence. When faced with things I need to do, I put it on a list and just get it done.

  7. Mysti, sometimes I make a list and then halfway through a bad day I will put brush teeth at the top and cross it off to make myself feel better!

    1. I will call medical savings to get paper work straightened out.
    2. I will read the script I have been putting off.
    3. I will find music for show.

    There I will report tomorrow captain!

  8. Well, I accomplished the clothes being put away, and that was about it. However, I did get two boxes of old vegies/fruits from the local food bank for the chickens, quite a bit of odds and ends put away and I sold my mini-horse, so I can work on the rest of the list tomorrow.

  9. Reporting, captain:

    Called medical got the run around put hubby on it! (Yeah like that is going to work!)5 min.
    Read script 45 min.
    Found Music: 10 minutes can't download it called director maybe they can get it!

    But I am ready for rehearsal tomorrow!

  10. I am so proud of everyone!!! Sometimes we have to adjust our expectations of ourselves. But if you got even one thing was more than it was before!

  11. I did the ironing and cleaned one of the bathrooms. Not too shabby.