Friday, July 15, 2011

I did a kind of, sort of bad thing......

G-man and I rarely go out on our own (unless you count going to Target while the kids are at camp).  But like a real date.....I can count on one hand how many times that has happened since we had the kids almost 9 years ago.  And given our current circumstances...this is something we need to work on.

I have asked G-man to take the lead on this....but this is just not his bag.  So I decided that I needed to show him how to do it.  Sort of like when we are teaching the kids have to MODEL it first before you can let them try it on their own.

So on a whim...I decided to plan a date.  I called around and found a sitter for the evening (at $10 an hour....but that is the going rate.  *sigh*).  G-man knows we have something planned, but doesn't know the specifics.  Actually....he doesn't know about the sitter.....

We will be going to a new noodle house that opened in town a few months ago that got really good reviews.  And we will be going to see Harry Potter!  I bought the tickets on line yesterday, and sprung for the 3D IMAX ones.  I picked them up already so we wouldn't have to wait in line.  It is going to be busy there tonight!

I bought G-man a new outfit (shorts and a polo shirt, from Marshall's), which I will lay out on the bed while he is in the shower.  And I got a new skirt (he loves me in skirts...and I rarely wear them.  This is long and flowy, and Bohemian).  And I got some shoes...which were needed by next week anyway.

Clothes - about $150 for 2 pairs of shoes, shorts, 2 shirts, and a skirt)
Movies - $36, plus popcorn if we choose
Dinner - I am guessing about $30-$40, if we get drinks.
Sitter - $60-$70

YIKES.  We are at about $300.  Even if I didn't get the clothes....we would still be at $150.  For dinner and a movie.  Days of a cheap dinner and a movie are gone!!  But I am not overly upset.  We need to spend some time together.  And I need to show him how to plan a date (get a sitter, pick a restaurant.....).  The clothes...those were just a bonus. 

Sometimes you have to invest in your marriage.


  1. I am with you there - you do need to invest in the marriage a little - if dh & I go out to dinner & to do something, it always ends up being like $100 -- but you can't feel bad about it... you need the adult connection time -- have a blast!

  2. I agree you have to invest in your marriage, its just so much harder when the kids are little. But even now we forget sometimes.

    enjoy and don't think about the money at all. This is why we scrimp and save so we can enjoy ourselves when we need to.

    PS My daughter saw part one and two in a double feature last night and said two was excellent

  3. This is something DH and I are trying to work on as well. Sometimes you have decide what is more important...your marriage, or whether you saved a few bucks by staying home. I will say this that for us it is the health of our marriage. We have gotten really bad at doing dates, but I am trying to set a few up for the next few months.

    And I hear you about taking the lead, my DH isn't that good either about doing this so I just have bit the bullet and decided to plan them myself.

    Have a GREAT time!

  4. Good for you! You need a date night every once in a while or you will go crazy! I cant wait to see harry potter with the excited :0)

  5. With all that's taken place in your lives recently, even if you had to dig into your EF for that, I think it would be worth it for you two. Have a great time!

  6. Investing in your marriage is so important. You would invest this in your kids in a heart beat. I say good for you!

  7. Thanks for the support....I was a little concerned I would get blasted for spending money this way.

  8. "Sometimes you have to invest in your marriage"
    I completely agree!
    While we have a lot of goals, we're still working on paying off our debt and I don't subscribe to the notion that I'm not allowed to have a life until I'm debt free. Every vacation we've taken has been SO worth it. I hope you enjoy your date!
    And also--not all dates have to be this expensive. You can have cheaper dates, like free community events, and I know you don't belong to a church but a lot of the biggers ones offer a monthly date night for parents, and each child is like $20. you might also want to check with some friends about swapping date nights, where you switch off watching each others' kids. good luck !

  9. Get blasted for spending money?? never LOL.. I hope you had a good time, you deserve it.


  10. I tried to post earlier but I guesse it didnt like me. I think that same as we do maintenance on our house and cars we need to take care of our marriages.

    Sure this time might have cost you more than you thought but you will wear those outfits and shoes again. And my daughter saw HP last night and said it was a great movie. Enjoy this and dont let money ruin your evening. Make the most of your night.

    Sure all of your dates won't be that expensive but don't beat yourself up over the cost of
    your life.


  11. I am so happy you are doing this. I know you guys are in debt, blah, blah, blah. But there are worse things than being in debt. I hope you guys have a fantastic time.

    p.s. Of course, Harry Potter is fantastic, so you'll have a good time.

  12. I loved it when my wife surprised me by kidnapping me for a weekend away. She did that three or four times during our marriage (nearly 43 years). It keeps the romance going!

  13. Yes, you do need to invest into a relationship.

  14. It's definitely a wise investment in your marriage. Worth. Every. Penny! Looking forward to hearing how G-Man takes the initiative next :)

  15. A nite like that will definitely go a long way in the relationship. Sounds like a fun plan :)