Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I know you missed hearing about the pool ......

These things are literally sucking the life energy from me.  Everytime I talk about it, I can feel my hair turning gray.  It is almost palpable the stress in the air.  GRRRRR.

If you are new to the blog and want to read about the pool drama, check out here, here and here, oh, and don't forget here.  (does anyone else think it is sad that this is my 5th post about the pool since mid-May???)

And our next installation of Pool Drama......the pump burnt out.   It decided to burn out the day before I left.  G-man had been having some problems with it, but each time managed to get it working.  He turned it on last Tuesday night, with the intention of letting it run overnight.  Wednesday morning, it wasn't working, and it was hot to the touch.  It died.  No reviving it.

I realize that nothing lasts forever, but apparently our pool hit its threshold this year.  *sigh*   G-man couldn't find a local store that carried the pump, so we had to order it.  $233 later, we were the proud owners of a new pump.  It shipped very quickly and arrived Saturday.

G-man had taken the pump off and put it on several times before, so this fix SHOULD have been quick.  But when is anything quick in our house.  It ALL has to be a project.

The little "foot" of the pump that screws into the base....well, the weld broke and it came off.  Now there is now way of attaching the pump.  I don't understand why we can't epoxy it (granted, it is brand new, but I just want this over and done).  But for some reason we can't.

There was no one available over the weekend, so yesterday G-man called to get the return authorization, and OF COURSE the person was out.  So take two today.  The warehouse is local (they are wholesalers for the pool company, which is why we couldn't order it directly from them), so we are going to ask if we can drive down and just exchange it; if not, they will ship us a new pump, and we will ship back the broken one.

So there went half of the overtime that was on G-man's paycheck this week.  And with the water for filling the pool and chemicals....brings our grand total for pool expenses to just under $1000.  While I am thankful that G-man had worked the overtime and we had a few "extra" dollars....the intention was to put it toward debt. 

Just wait.....more car news to come!  Did you really think that the car saga was over?  Silly rabbit....


  1. you poor things! that is a pain in the butt for sure

  2. Well... at least you had a nice weekend away, right?

    Normally I would say just keep plugging away, but you are already a master at that. Pool season's almost over, there's something to look forward too.

  3. I'm sorry about the pool :( I knew these things were high maintenance, but not to what extent. I'm hoping the car saga isn't as bad!

  4. My sister swears that she saved thousands of dollars when she made the decision to shut down their in ground pool permanently. The kids didn't even complain much and, with one severely handicapped child and two others, they were glad to be rid of it....

  5. Our pool hasn't been this high maintenance in the past. Sure, some stuff. But this is crazy. It is an above ground pool.

    The only saving grace....the kids have been in the pool just about everyday. So at least we are getting our money's worth.

  6. Why not weatherize the pool from the heat and cold and take it out of commission so that it stops eating into your debt repayment plan?

  7. Oh Mysti lets form a club, your life, my life, NO life, just work to pay the man!

  8. I need to be in that club too Out My window:)!