Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Car Update....Pool Update.....

We had G-man's car towed from Garage 1 to the Dealership yesterday morning (it was supposed to be Monday night....but that is a whole other frustrating story).

Dealership couldn't look at it yesterday, so they will look at it sometime today.  Hopefully by this afternoon we will know whether we are fixing this car....or getting a new one. Additionally....we asked about a loaner car while our car is down....and we got the "well, we do offer that, but we don't have any loaner cars available."  You are a car dealership and you don't have a car????

G-man is getting a rental car (at $45 a day....he is 6'4", so a compact car is a little squishy for him to drive).  We only need it until Friday at the latest.  If his car is fixed, then fine.  Otherwise, he can take my car Saturday-Monday, then he is off of work on Tuesday.  So even if the car is dead in the water....we have another week built in to figure something out.

Meanwhile, my car is still limping along.

The pool liner is FINALLY in.  Our pool is slowly being filled, and maybe by mid-July it will warm up!  End costs:

Liner - $216
Installation and tax - $451
Water - still unknown.

The outstanding OT also made it on to this week's we have the cash to cover the bill.

Now if we can just figure out the car.....


  1. The additional costs of car repairs drive me crazy! I understand how they may not have a loaner for you, but they should be able to get you a lower rate with the rental company.

  2. @Krantcents - you would like to think we could get a better rate.....nope. They said, oh...we don't do that.

  3. Used cars are at a premium nation wide. It is hard to find anything at a car lot or dealership right now. Trying to find a reliable used car for our daughter was a nightmare it took 6 weeks. The economy has dried up used cars as people are not trading cars in but keeping them. Good luck. Glad the pool is almost ready. One less aggravation.