Monday, June 27, 2011

Two down???? And Negative Energy

We are still waiting to hear about G-man's car.  Hopefully before lunch we will know.   On Saturday we decided that $1000-$1200 was the LIMIT we were willing to spend to fix the car.  That would drain our car maintenance fund, and would use the last of the refi money (that was SUPPOSED to go to bring our E-fund back to $1500 and the remainder to debt).

That was Saturday.

On car decided to start overheating.  We can tell that coolant is leaking, but can't tell if it is the water pump (which has been replaced 2x in the past 6 months) or the hose.  Really Universe????

The reaction last night...screw it all...these cars aren't worth it.  Let's get 2 new cars.  We didn't....but it was a thought.  Not a good thought...but a thought.

We have to find out about G-man's car, and then my car will go into the shop on Friday (most likely).  Meanwhile, we have to have some contingency plans.  We can't afford all of this.  And I will just cry if we end up having to get a new car, let alone 2.  I will say that we will only get a beater car....we aren't looking at some nice, new car.  We will get what we can either not have a payment with, or a payment that is very very small.


Update:  Not the battery.  It appears to be the security system.  We now have to tow the car to the dealership because the security system is proprietary information, so we need them to look at it.  It could be a bad module or a transponder.  Dunno.  GRRRRRRR.

A friend is having some issues with another friend (I don't know this other person).  But my friend is quite distraught.  She has been hanging out at my house alot in the past few days or tezting and calling me.  It is fine.

Yesterday, her husband and son went to a family event, and some bad stuff went down there.  He was really upset.  He called his wife, who was at my house, and asked if he could come over too.  Sure!

We were sitting at my kitchen table, and she proclaimed that my house is where relationships go to die.

GREAT.  My house is the Vortex of Negative Energy!!!


  1. Oh Mysti, you are so funny. You are just such a good listener and people gravitate to you because you do understand. I would go to your house if I needed and ear. I probably would not call you for a ride however:). I have only been reading your post for a few months and I think if I were you ,I would get at least one newer car. If you total up all you have spent on car repairs in the last 8 months and divide that figure by the months I think you would find that you can make a $250-300 a month car payment for the repairs you have been shelling out. Plus the stress on you and your husband and then the relationship stress because you are stressed. I know you want to get out of debt and I know you feel that this is a step backward, but it isn't if the cars breaking down constantly and requiring repair after repair. Suck it up get both of them limping along and sell them for $1000.00 a piece or whatever they are worth and get something reliable. In fact I think you should have the newer car!

  2. @Kim - problem with getting a new car is that some of the repairs have been on a credit card, so we don't have available cash to make a monthly payment.

    But I agree with you...I should get the newer car!

  3. Silly friend, I'm sure that's not true. I agree with Kim, you are probably a great listener...

    I can understand car repairs, I've had my share this year. They are FAR cheaper than a new car, although I've had similar thoughts..i.e. new car!

  4. Man, I really am keeping my fingers crossed for you, hmm... maybe I should uncross them. Let's hope something bright is in the future.

  5. Our old reliable mechanic always says if a car is consistently costing you over $250.00 a month in repairs, replace it. But I can understand you dilemma. I wish I was a millionaire so I could help you. Forget it I will never be truly rich because i would give it away! Good luck.

  6. Mysti, The car we bought was 5,000. It was an SUV. A1 Auto Wholesalers in East Windsor has lots of sedan type cars for between 3-5 grand. I know it's not what you want to do right now, but it's an option if needed. They finance as well.