Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pool Drama Revisited

Have I mentioned how much I can't stand the pool?  I did?  Ok....just checking.  I have already droned on about the pool, but feel free to refresh your mind to the story here and here.

We finally received the refund from Company 2 last Friday.  So that is taken care of.  On to Company 3.  *sigh*

We found another company, and they seem to have their act together somewhat better than Company 1 and Company 2.  It did take them a few days to return a call that we placed on Friday, but they did.  As of right now, they are set to come either Thursday or Friday to take care of the liner.

G-man is draining the last of the water from the pool today.  So hopefully by the end of the weekend, the pool will be "swimable" although it will probably be freezing.  The temperatures here are just not warm enough to bring 30,000 gallons of water up to temp.  Heck, it is still in the 50's at night.

The water will run us about $100 to refill the pool.  The materials were $216.  And instillation is $435.  In total.....$751.  Money we had planned to put towards debt.  GRRRR. 

Lesson in all of this.....it is important to save for home maintenance!!!!!  But that will be another post.

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