Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Giddy Up and Go...

Got up and went.

I am DRAGGING something fierce.  I have a pain in my lower back that I am really hoping isn't a kidney infection.  But man does it hurt.

I will stop at the bank and deposit my paycheck and the yard sale money.  And then tonight will be bill paying!!!  I am really looking forward to seeing where we are.  Plus, G-man gets paid on Monday, and (cross your fingers) his 15 hours of overtime should be on that check.

Nothing like a big ole payment to brighten your day.  :)

ETA:  That was a bummer.  By the time I updated interest, a recent dentist visit, and a few other "major" payments basically paid off the recent stuff and didn't do much to the debt.  I had to save some money in the account for food and gas....but it was soooo tempting to pay more off.  Oh well....more money comes in on Monday.


  1. I hope you feel better soon.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for the hours. Big paychecks are fun!

  2. Love payday, and bill paying day :)

    I hope you don't have a kidney infection :( I used to get those all of the time. Feel better!

  3. Yuck that is what through me a few weeks ago! Painful and crappy! I love payday also. Wish I wasn't self employed so I could get one.

  4. @Niki - thanks. Big paychecks are awesome!

    @Krystin - I am pretty sure I am getting an infection. Will the thrill of bill paying chase it away?

    @Kim - You still need a paycheck even if you are self-employed. Just do it!

  5. As you get older, you start to think it is just part of aging. As a former CFO, I was responsible for payroll. I just don't understand how a government agency can be so casual about pay.

  6. @Krantcents - I don't understand how they are so casual about lots of things. But he has worked for this agency since 1992...and let me tell ya, this isn't the first time his pay has been messed up. We are at almost a month now since it started.

  7. Hopefully the pay issue gets resolved this time around. I'll have a "big" pay check this time around too --- its one of those times we get paid three times in a month, so no voluntary deductions are taken out. I'm hoping once all the bills are paid, I have plenty of exra and can pay CC1 off early!