Friday, June 24, 2011

Another Rainy Day here....

It seriously needs to stop raining.....

The pool liner is STILL on hold until the weather clears.  Not like it really matters....the temperature is no where near pool weather.  Considering that we are approaching July, and by the end of August we are done with the pool....the $700 we are spending on this seems comical.

Sassy Girl has been having a rough go of it.  She is a sensitive kid, and is just needing a little extra time.  She and I are supposed to have a "girl date" tonight.  I am feeling much better, but she is a little under the weather.  Hopefully she will be better later.  She wanted to go to mini golf, but the rain put an end to that.  So we will go to the movies (Mr. Popper's Penguins....her choice). 

The rain makes me very introspective.  And overwhelmed.  Like....we still have over 64 THOUSAND in debt.  That number makes me sad, and scared, and anxious.  I know we are working at it...maybe not Dave Ramsey Gazelle Intense....but I just don't think that level is practical for us. 

We are missing goals left and right....I doubt we will make the under 60k goal by August 6.  I had wanted to pay off 10k this year (really 12.....), that one will be close.  Food budget is still wanky (although our no eating out challenge is going ok...minus one $4.97 slip up).

I wish I had figured out this stuff sooo much sooner.  What a different life we would have.....


  1. But you are so much better off than you were. You have so much more knowledge. You also have all of us rooting for you. You have been sick and the weather is not HELPING! Have a great weekend.

  2. Aw sweetie...You're doing fine. Hang in there!

  3. It can be frustrating to take a few steps forward and then take a couple back. You just keep plugging away at it! You'll get there! And you'll be all the better for it! (And btw, crappy weather gets me all down and frustrated about it all, too!)

  4. Hun, you can live you life on "what if?". No point looking back at all and at least you're working on it now. It's just the grey skies that have you down. You've done a wonderful job considering all the challenges you & your family have faced. I'm amazed you've kept at it. A lot of people would have thrown up & their hands and headed off to Target for some retail therapy. We all think you're doing a great job.

  5. OK, this is the third time I have seen you write this word, and it makes me chuckle each time. So I am hoping that it might brighten your day that you are inadvertantly brightening someone elses.

    It is a small cultural difference. Your use of wanky is hysterical to me(although totally ok for you, not trying to conince you to stop writing it). In Australia and the UK that usually means something pretty pretentious, because remove the Y and you have the verb to *ahem* please ones self. Basically a word I wouldn't say in front on my mother or my boss. However I would say to my mum "gee that (piece of public art or song) is pretty wanky" without too much of a problem. I still wouldn't say wanky at work

    On the other hand, I just had a "gee what if things had of been different" moment, "I wish I had of figured X out earlier". The fact of the matter is I didn't, and that is a shame, but it is the reality and now I do things differently, and I have the belief that things will work out in the end for me. I think you have to hold on to the same thing. The first part is always the hardest. The first 12 months you dropped just on 6k, this 12 months, you are probably on track for 7k(possibly more) so it is picking up speed. Next year you will prob do 10 easy, and then 12 the next year. You are in the doldrums like the old time sailors, you will pick up a trade wind soon

  6. @Anon 2 - THAT is funny. I love learning those little tidbits.