Monday, June 13, 2011

Don't Count Your Chickens.....

Can I just get a collective, primordial SCREAM?

G-man gets paid today, but his paystub is available the day before.  So as typical, he sent me the "checking acct" deposit yesterday, and it looked HUGE!  He had overtime on this check, and was supposed to have overtime on the LAST paycheck, but through an was omited.  It was supposed to be added to this paycheck.

Plus, after we paid off the car, we re-distributed our direct deposits. Stopped the direct deposit to the credit union where the car loan was (part of the loan was an auto debit from that account); that money should go into our main checking account not.  Additionally, we want half of our mortgage payment to go into our savings account (plus $75 per paycheck, which we have done forever), since we pay the mortgage from that account.

I asked him....are the direct deposits right?  He said yes.  So I am thinking WOO HOO!!!  I have this huge check to pay stuff with.  I am already stressed because we had to pay $217 for the pool liner, and the installation company charged us $400 deposit (it was supposed to be $300.....that is another story).  So we have $617 on our credit card, which we planned on using the overtime to pay.

Through a comedy of errors, I didn't get to bill paying yesterday.  When I sat down to pay everything this morning, it is all mucked up.

The mortgage didn't go into the savings account.  It appears that the direct deposit did stop on the credit union, however it looks like at least half of the OT isn't there when you account for the other deposits.  I went from thinking I had $1000 to work with, down to $200!!!

ETA:  NOPE...all the deposits were wrong.  I am guessing that they will take effect on the next paycycle.  I am betting that G-man put the wrong date for starting it.  So money went to the credit I have to go to the credit union and withdraw that and deposit it in our main acct.  I had to transfer stuff all over.  Still unsure about OT.

G-man is in a training all day today, so he won't be able to pull up the internal info until at least 5pm.  In the meantime, I can't pay anything extra until I know what I have.  I am annoyed that the direct deposit isn't right.  I am annoyed that G-man didn't read his paystub correctly.  I am annoyed that the government can't pay him correctly.

Really people....get it together.


  1. That must be so frustrating! Hopefully it will get straightened out soon so that you can move ahead with your pay off plans!

    I can remember doing this with my husband's bonus every February...until the year they decided not to give it until June. Stressful...

  2. I never heard of a preview that was not accurate! They must use it to make corrections, but then the employee should not see it. I try to not count on anything prematurely, particularly money!

  3. @Krants - maybe I wasn't clear. The deposits were the same as the stub, but we put in a month ago to change the direct deposits. Should have been active for this paystub, but they weren't. Couple this with my husband's inability to read his paystub (telling me that the net in our checking acct was right, and the direct deposit was fine), AND that half of the OT is missing...

    This is why I am the one who does the banking.

  4. We have had our share of missing paychecks in the military. It's the thing I hate most about moving, they never get it right. So here we are moving and not quite sure how much we are getting paid (our pay changes depending on where we live, I should say basic housing allowance changes) and they always always short it.

    I hope you can get it straightened out soon, the waiting is the hard part.


    You asked for it - there is your collective scream!

  6. I understand your frustration. Any paystubs that are corrected by my employer they then print it out to look like you asked for an advance. Uh no, I just want my pay, you screwed it up.

    People just need to get it right when it comes to money into your account!

  7. I recently thought a payment was going to be automatically deducted because I had submitted it in plenty of time, and it wasn't. That resulted in a 'late' fee because I didn't mail in the payment. (I didn't mail it because I didn't think I had to.)

    Sometimes technology can make life complicated!

  8. That is beyond frustrating! Good luck!