Sunday, June 12, 2011

Adventures in Yard Sales - Part One

Despite reading alot about how to have a yard sale, we have never actually done it.  Talked about it...but never did it.  Most of what I read said it is better to have several smaller ones over the course of years, than saving it all up and having a huge one ever 10 years.  Mostly so you can sell stuff while there is still some interest in fad type items.

Oh well...we are having a huge one with a decade worth of crap treasures waiting for a new home.

This yard sale has several concurrent objectives:

First, let's survey the damage.  The following are pictures from my attic (sorry they are a little dark, and not that great), before we started.  *sigh*  Believe it or not, it was organized chaos.  Like was grouped with like.  And we have cleaned and organized it before, just never was successful in getting rid of alot.  I Craigslisted some stuff, and sold clothes over the years, but this is where we are at, in June 2011.

Looking down the length of the attic
Far end of attic

Christmas stuff

One side
Dormer Area

Other Side

It is somewhat appalling how much stuff we have.  Granted, it was collected over time, but seriously.....some of this is absurd.  For example, we have like 20 sets of sheets.  I think my mom bought them for us over time.  Unless we are running a hotel, we don't need this many.  Most of them I don't even like.  So I washed and folded them, and if they can go to another home....great.

I also found binders from 2006 when the kids were in preschool.  I kept every daily "schedule" of what they did....all in order, in a binder, sorted into tabs by month. I really need to know that they fingerpainted on 2/16 and had carrot sticks for snack?  NO.  Those were pitched.  I kept the boxes of all the art and such to go through later and streamline.  No time right now for that, but I have the boxes together waiting for me (it isn't like I was selling that stuff....unless....maybe my kids are Ar-TEESTS, and I can sell it for thousands!!!)

Our first pass at emptying the attic went well.  Our playroom now looks like the attic barfed all over it, but we needed somewhere to put it.  There was only one item that G-man and I had to discuss getting rid of vs. keeping.  That was Bossy's bouncy chair.  I said get rid of it, but with tears running down my face.  I was trying to be practical.  But there are so many memories with that chair.  In the end, we kept the cover (for his memory box) and pitched the frame.

I can't wait to show you what the attic looks like now!!!  But alas, you will have to wait.  I know you are as excited as I am.


  1. I want a house with an attic.. Some of my favorite memories of childhood are playing in the attic, with the rain on the roof.

  2. We have a full stand up attic. The only draw back....the stairs are in our bedroom! I am hoping to be able to make it some kind of useable space at some point. Believe it or not, we have hardwood floors up there (not salvagable, but original to the house.)

    My ideal would be part storage, part home office or lounging space.

  3. Can't wait to see the pictures, and doesn't it feel good to get all that done! Hope the sale is a huge success.