Thursday, February 10, 2011

Resolution is a nice thing

After my hissy fit on Monday, I decided that I needed to do some serious rebounding.  I like to think I can do it all, but once in a while....I can't.  Sorry.  Despite popular belief, I am human, not SUPER human.  I needed to resolve several problems.

PROBLEM:  I am needing a serious jolt of positive juju. 

1)  I have $100 Spa card, and I will use it for either a facial or Reiki session (which is what I am leaning toward).
2)  I desperately need my hair cut, so my $50 from Christmas will go to that.
3)  A local fitness center is doing $10/mon special, so this weekend I am checking that out.
4)  When G-man goes "home" in a few weeks, I am cleaning out my closet of all the stuff that I don't love, doesn't fit, etc.  I need to surround myself with things that make me feel good.

PROBLEM:  I am unappreciated and G-man takes me for granted.
RESOLUTION:  I told him that I done having this same argument.  There was not a true resolution, but I told him that I need to take some time for myself.....I am worth it.

PROBLEM:  Next debt snowball steps.
RESOLUTION:  We finally decided that once his car is paid off, the money we have been putting toward that car payment will continue to be saved for a new to me car, and once my student loan payment increases in October, the remainder of what is left will continue to go towards a new car (so not folding into the debt snowball). My car is going into the shop AGAIN tomorrow due to the belt issue.  I am hoping this isn't an expensive repair.  But it is looking like my car may start to nickel and dime us.

Additionally, the next debt on the chopping block will be his credit card.  We need to figure out if it is worth trying to do another Lending Club loan, just to get the lower interest rate....since they take some off the top, the savings might not be worth it....vs just paying extra on it per month.   It is somewhat frustrating that this is a larger debt and we won't be able to see huge progress, but it is what it is.

PROBLEM:  Loose ends from the mortgage refi
RESOLUTION:  Talked to Mortgage Guy, and

1)  The taxes were NOT double paid.  The new title company held on to the payment, and now that our taxes have posted, that check will be released to US, not the city.
2)  The extra checks we got from the attorney are ok to cash (which will probably pay for my car repair tomorrow)
3)  Still waiting on the escrow check from old company, but that should be coming soon. 

Once we have all this money, we will be able to make some nice big payments!!!

That is about it for now.....a few things have been settled, and it calms my brain.  Now, if I can only get my house cleaned again.....I will be back in business!


  1. I am unappreciated and G-man takes me for granted?

    Do you feel or is he not showing it??

    Do you really have 34,000 in credit card debt??

  2. I feel that I am unappreciated, and additionally, he does not show it. I get a "thank you" in passing, but he has gotten used to me doing everything!

    And yes, we have 34k in credit card debt. All of those numbers are current (give or take a few dollars since I haven't updated in a few days).

  3. I am glad to see you are back close to center (or as close as you'll ever be LOL).

    Why not just kill off Student Loan #2 and Adult Dentist, just feel good about retiring those two accounts?

  4. Hey friend!

    Oh, Student Loan #2 and Dentist are being paid off when we get our escrow check, taxes, etc from the refi. Plus CC1. The "extra" will either pay for my car repair (the car repair fund is depleated), or will be an extra payment on the car.

  5. Hey Mysti! I wish I knew the hubby he needs a man talk lol

    34k wow I was not aware, I'll start coming by more often checking on your progress!!


  6. I feel constantly that my husband takes me for granted, when I work a full time job and do most of the housework, including all of the budgeting and most of the grocery shopping and errands. I understand his work schedule is more sporadic with 24 hour shifts and he's tired when he comes home, but it's unfair. It's a constant argument, and it ebbs and flows. Right now, he's really trying, so I'm trying to back off him as well.
    Bottom line: I understand.
    I'm VERY happy you're taking some time for yourself. You deserve it. It's hard when you're on a budget, and you feel guilty for spending any money, but sometimes it's worth your sanity!