Sunday, October 3, 2010

What our son's fish taught us about finances

I posted here about Bossy's sick fish.  Well, fishy died today.  I knew this morning it was coming.....his color was bad, and he wasn't breathing well.

It was right before I left for my mom's that I noticed he wasn't right.  We pseudo ignored it.  We thought we asked the right questions about him, and thought he would be ok.  Once we noticed that he was REALLY not doing well, we sprung into action.  But it was too little too late.  RIP Blueberries.

People do the same thing with their finances.  They know something isn't right, but they choose to look the other way.  They "think" they know what they are doing, and if they just ride the wave, it will all be ok on the other side.  But eventually it catches up with them.  They are in huge debt...and now they try and fix it.  They try all sort of things to fix the situation, but they continue to drown.  Eventually it all crashes in around them.

Our fish's death could have been prevented.  We thought we were taking good care of him....but we found out that our tank is really too small, and he died of a probable infected ulcer from ammonia poisoning.  We were changing his water 1x a week.....and we really should have been doing it every other day.  It caught up with him, and now he is dead.

Finances are the same way....if you don't keep up with the basics, it can get out of hand.  You may think you are taking care of things....but are you really?  Or are you just looking the other way?  Do you know where your money is going, and where it SHOULD be going?  Fishes need do finances.

Sassy has a fish too, and we have been careful to not make the same mistakes, now that we know better.  Hopefully Strawberry the fish will live a long happy life.

Meanwhile....we have to tell Bossy about Blueberries.....wish us luck.

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