Monday, October 4, 2010

Bad customer service on a bad idea

CC1 is a rewards card.  More or less, you get a point for every dollar you spend.  Sometimes it is 1.5, but I haven't really paid that close attention to it.  Honestly, I never redeemed points until recently (I don't even want to think about all the points that expired.)

I am less than 400 points away from earning a $50 Lowe's Home Improvement Gift Card.  While I opened the Pandora's Box on this in August, I am anxious to close the box.  But being so close, I just want to do it and be done.  I was going to pay a few utility bills using this card (I have the it would purely be for points), get my gift card, and call it a day.  Until I realized that my card expired 9/10.  I never got a new card.

So I called customer service, who informed me that they sent me a new card, and did I throw it away???  No, I didn't throw it away.  I never got it.  I asked them when it was sent.....and apparently it was sent in April 2009....aka 18 months ago.  They said when they changed names they sent new cards, and "I" must have thrown it out.   No....I never got a new card.

The guy is sending me a new one.  Then....he noticed that the card has a very low balance (which is now zero thanks to my payment).  I said yes, it is about $300.....he countered with "actually, it is $303.17."  *sigh*  Fine, I was off by $3.  Dude, you aren't winning any points with me.

He asked why I stopped using the card.  Now, I should have just said nothing, but I got baited.

Told him that the interest rate is too high, and when I called last year, no one would help me, and they slashed my credit line.  He puts me on hold....and after forever and a day, lowers it from 19.24 to 15.99.  And then proceeds to offer me a balance transfer of 0% until next July.

I said no, that isn't even a year, and I have better offers, which include 0% for 12 months, and the rate on that card is 9.24% there after (vs the 15.99 on CC1).

He and I haggled and argued.  He claimed he could save me sooooo much money.  That my balance transfer fee would be $35 less than with the other card (I countered with "that isn't even a tank of gas.").  And that they have a lower minimum payment (which I said, will just keep me in debt longer).

Why would I transfer a balance that I know I can't pay off in less than a year, to a card that has a HIGHER rate there after?   He was getting snotty, and wasn't used to someone saying NO to him.  I said, "can you offer me 0% for the life of the transfer?"  He laughed at me.  I said, well, that is the only way you are going to get me to do it.

I got this card in 1996, and back then, they had great service.  Over the years, my card has been bought out multiple times, and the customer service just gets worse and worse.  The ONLY reason I keep this card is because I am afraid of some catastrophe where I need a HUGE amount of money right away.  And because it is my oldest history, I keep it around.

Yeah, yeah....I know DR could care less.....but I do care about my credit score.

As I was arguing with the guy, G-man was in the kitchen listening to me.  He thought "dude, you aren't going to win this one with her."  Hee hee.

Anyway, I got off the new card is on its way.....I didn't do the transfer.  And this guy can kiss my lily white a$$.


  1. That is pretty funny! You go girl!

  2. @Rhitter - obviously he thought that I really must not know much about much. Like I have always said....I understand alot. The implementation is what gets in my way!

  3. Excellent! I love this story. Hopefully I'll remember it and stay firm if I need to try for a cc interest rate negotiation.

  4. @gigiofca - oh trust me....last year when I was TRYING to get a rate reduction, they wouldn't budge.