Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Unexpected pet problems

Stop the world, I want to get off!  Things need to calm down....I am so overwhelmed.  But fortunately (unfortunately?) I am not spending money to feel better.....I am eating instead.  *sigh*  One problem at a time.

The newest "problem" added to the Mysti/G-man plate is Bossy's fish, who is sick.

Before I left to take care of my mom, I noticed that he didn't look right.  And honestly, I thought he was going to die while I was gone.  But he didn't.  G-man asked at the pet store, and they said (based on his now very inaccurate description) he was fine.

It has been 2 weeks, and he isn't doing well.  And now he has this "spot" on his back.  Further research has led us to the diagnosis of fin rot, and an infected ulcer due to ammonia burns.  We are bad fish parents.  Apparently we were not changing his water often enough (about once a week).  We have a large betta tank, and thought we were doing ok.  Guess not.

So poor fishy is sick. Our choices are :

1)  Antibiotics.  They want $30 for this!  Sorry.  He is a $4 fish.  I am not spending $30 on a $4 fish.  Plus, if he is too will kill him.

2)  Salt Bath and other medicine.  This is time and labor intensive, but will only cost about $6.  And if done right, has a pretty good chance of helping.

3)  Let nature take it's course.

Poor fishy.  We feel bad that basically we didn't take good enough care of him.  He has been part of our family since December 2009, and has been great up until 2 weeks ago.  We feel really bad.  So we will attempt to save him, but if he doesn't make it.....we will have to deal with it with Bossy.

So, if you have a second....keep our fishy in your thoughts!  ;)


  1. Replace the fish for $4 and don't tell your children lol

    Check if the symptons are actually "Ick" (real fish disease) the water treatment is not expensive at all.

  2. Nope, not Ick. We went to a betta site and spoke to the moderator. Sent him a pick of fishy.

    I think Bossy would notice if we replaced the fish. ;) My friend said to just flush him and call it a day.