Monday, July 19, 2010

I had to giggle at this one

There was a message on the home phone answering machine from my credit union, wanting to talk to me about doing an e-loan.

Why is this funny?  Because last year I blogged here and here and here about them turning us down for a loan!!

Not all that much has changed.  We are at the same jobs, making the same money.  We have paid off about 5k in debt, but that is about it.  So now they want to talk......hee hee.

Where were you a year ago when we were desperately trying to make some changes for the better.  When we really could have used the money, and have paid WAY less interest on things in the past year? 

We are still pending on the peer to peer lending.  I am getting antsy that it is the right decision.  It would pay off CC1 and part of CC3.  *sigh* I wish I were more decisive on these things.  G-man has bowed out of this one....he said the final decision is mine.  Thanks, hon.

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