Monday, July 19, 2010

This is getting silly now

This bookcase has become consuming.  I am so embarrassed that I have let it get this far in my psyche.

We got a medical reimbursement today.  $216.  We have already paid the bill, so this is truly reimbursement.  Almost enough to get my bookcase. 

Why is this happening?  Why am I obsessed with this?  Let me have it, folks!!!


  1. Mysti, why don't you put it on the Adult Dentist bill, which would almost be 1/2 of the balance owing? I do know what it's like to want things so badly, but think how you'd feel once that bill is paid? Then maybe you could plan for a celebratory bookcase (that might even be on sale by then). Just thinking, that's all.

  2. You inspire me to pay off bills (mostly medical) and save money and I need to purchase a new car before the end of the year and I want to put as much down as possible. Since I started reading your blog a a couple weeks ago I have given up my morning coffee, eating out and I even passed on a night out to the movies (granted at 32 I don't really have an interest in seeing Toy Story 3 since I did not see the first 2 and do not have kids).
    I know what it is like to lust after an object (there is a gorgeous dining room table and chairs I have been drooling over) BUT there is something to be said about the peace of mind of having one more bill paid off that trumps "stuff".

  3. @Bcsmithereens - The dentist bill is an on-going thing. I could pay half, but since G-man went to the dentist last will be back up again on the next billing cycle. And we will pay it down, and then I go to the dentist. Our ins only covers $24 per visit!! This bill means nothing to me. I could pay it off today and wouldn't feel anything. As for the chance of a sale. It is a handmade, one of a kind item.

    @Anonymous - ok, you made me cry. I inspire you? Seriously? That is like the nicest thing anyone can say!! I am honored.

    (oh, and I have a gorgeous dining room set that I am wanting too! But that is way down on the list).

  4. I was this close to ordering a stupid $60 a month iPhone today. I filled out the forms and everything. I swear I spent two hours trying to justify it to myself.

    I didn't and I feel OK now. I know you want it badly, do a 10-10-10. Sit down and write the question: Should I purchase the bookcase now? Imagine yourself in the future 10 min from now if you said yes and 10 if you said no. Then do the same for 10 months and then 10 years. If you need an example, let me know and I will share one I did with you.

  5. @singledebt - you go girl! Way to be strong.

  6. One day you will really truly be able to afford the bookcase with cash. And that will be wonderful. The sooner you pay down that debt, the sooner the bookcase will be yours! Or maybe an even nicer one.

    It is SO wonderful being able to buy things without having to worry about debt. It really is worth it in the long-run and you can DO this. Future you will thank you for the short-term sacrifice now.

  7. I've read more of your blog...

    Can you make buying the bookcase a reward at the end of paying off your next major debt? Like CC4?

    Maybe that carrot will spur things on! Is the bookcase worth more months of not eating out much?