Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dating on a Budget

G-man has been trying to get back in my good graces.  And honestly, he has been working hard this week.  But we will see if the momentum continues.  We have been here before....things are fine, even good, for a few weeks, and then we are back to same ole same ole.

Fridays are typically our "errand" day.  We are both off of work.  Kids are at school (or camp, now).  So we can bee-bop around.  Tomorrow's schedule includes dropping his car off for an oil change (woo hoo!  Have a gift card, plus 10% coupon, PLUS, a $13 cash rebate!).  After that....I figured we would do our weekly grocery shopping, and I need to get a gift for a baby shower.

He wants to go to the movies (a super duper RARE event in our house).  Again, in an effort to woo me, he found a local theater that has the new Twilight movie (yeah, I am a tween....a 35 year old tween) at 10am.  But even the matinee price would be $15 for the two of us.  No drink or snack.  Just $15 for the honor of watching the movie.....and that is at the cruddy theater!

I told him that while the idea was nice, it really is too much money.  And reiterated that getting out of debt is sacrifice.  I need to keep pounding that idea into his head!!!  Date night does not have to be expensive.  And it doesn't have to satisfy anyone except us.

I am fine with spending the day doing errands.  And waiting a few months for the movie to go to the redbox and we can rent it for a buck.

At what point will he learn all of this???  Didn't we just have an $80 disaster date night dinner, just a week ago????


  1. Maybe u should give him full responsibility for paying the bills (while keeping an eye on him of course)... Once he is the one scheduling payments and doing the budget he might finally open his eyes all the way

  2. oh dating is really too costly . manage the payment both of you and don't Bordon on a single guy.

  3. Suggest a date night at home. Challenge him to find a place for the kids to go for the night and then cook together - or just do some inexpensive apps - and rent a movie. (I have some great recipes!) Just because it's not out of the house doesn't mean it wont be a nice night.

  4. @Seduce - I don't remember dating being all that expensive when we were actually "dating." Mostly we rented movies, and sat around.

    @Gina - No go on the kids going elsewhere. Not so easy to find someone who would take a medically needy and Autistic, Bossy wouldn't handle that well. Most of our "dates" are renting a movie and calling it a night.

  5. Hi - I just stumbled across your blog today based on a comment you had left on another blogger's post.

    Anyway have you investigated getting an Entertainment Book? Right now they are only $8.99 with free shipping and the coupons are good until Nov 1st. I was really against buying one for a very long time - then I broke down and finally got one and on regular expenses I have save $125 year to date. This may sound sick but when I broke down and bought the book for $25 last year I created a spreadsheet to see if I would recoup that initial investment. They have coupons for dry cleaning, oil changes, grocery stores, events such as movie tickets, concerts and of course dining out - every thing from fast food to four star restaurants. There are mostly buy 1 get 1 free meals so your night out for dinner could be really cheap. For the nicer restrauants instead of whipping out a paper coupon you just give them your card and they use that as the coupon. You can also print coupons online. I always look on the site before I run any major errands like dry cleaning or oil changes.

    Also check out You can get a lot of discounts from this site as well.

    Also I saw on AOL that AMC theaters are offering $1 movies on Tuesday mornings for kids movies - if there is one in your area - check out their site.

  6. @ Charlotte - thanks for stopping by! I will have to look at the Entertainment book if they are down to $9. I have avoided buying one because I was afraid it would suck me into buying more stuff, eating out more, etc. But there are a few specific things I am trying to do, and if they have a coupon, that would be terrific. Thanks!