Thursday, July 1, 2010

Anyone up for a CHALLENGE?

G-man and I are challenging ourselves to NOT eat out at all for the month of the July.  No coffee, no fast food, and no takeout.

All food needs to come from the grocery store (and yes, we know we could cheat and run to the grocery store).  We are trying to do better at meal planning, and cutting down on the number of trips to the grocery store, and of course, the overall amount of money.

Who's in???


  1. Sorry - no can do. I would go insane.

    Good luck to you!

  2. Not this month, but I wish you luck! This is a great challenge, it will be interesting to see how much you save.

  3. I love little challenges like this even if I often fail them. Does using Papa Murphy's Take and Bake pizza count against me? (I consider that to be "home cooking!") Or how about the grocery deli?

    Good luck and great saving!

  4. @ Swiggy - wanna try it for a week or two???

    @Family - we have no plans this month, so for us, this is a good month to try. We will see!!

    @Grace - I would say convenience food from the store is ok. No rule says you have to cook everything from scratch. Deli is a-ok too. I think the spirit of the challenge (at least for us) is to cut out the drive thru, and the lack of planning that usually ends with take out.

  5. I am in, with the exception of hubby's birthday dinner later this month. I don't feel that is breaking the rules, BECAUSE I have budgeted for it AND have a B1G1 coupon too. :)

  6. @Anonymous - hmmmm....I will let the birthday celebration slide....just this once!! ;)

  7. July is a no go for me, being that not only my birthday is this month, but my daughter's as well. BUT I am willing to try it next month after my vacation ends (Aug 15th)