Saturday, July 17, 2010

A bad case of the I WANT ITs!

There are tons of things I would like to have.  And while logically I know that none of them is worth financial security, I just want them.

Today's I WANT IT edition.....a handmade bookcase.  A guy makes them in his retirement, and it is EXACTLY what I want.  He stated he isn't making anymore for awhile.  And he doesn't take orders.

Cash and Carry. 

I love this bookcase.  I have been watching it for months.

Tempted to call my mom....and say MOMMY!  I WANT IT!!!

G-man said call if I want, he isn't going to stop me.

I am not going to call.

But of course, I am thinking of all available money (the book case is $250).  And I have $200 that I was saving for clothes when I got to my goal weight (still have 40 lbs to go!). 

*sniff sniff*


  1. OH no...just keep thinking what Dave Ramsey would say. Sometimes I dislike that guy. LOL

  2. Oh sweetie.. I feel your pain. I need to get a TV stand for my TV.. but I just can't justify that amount right now. *sniff sniff*

  3. WOW! Good for you on showing some restraint!!! :) That is fantastic (but sad that you didn't get that book case!!!)