Sunday, July 18, 2010

The bookcase

Here it bookcase that I have to pass on even though it is exact what I want and will fit in my alcove perfectly.  Photo credit to the guy who makes them.....



  1. It is beautiful. Love the glass doors and the color. NIce.

  2. I know! Hand made from reclaimed glass and shutters. And my house is 100 years old, so wouldn't it look perfect????

  3. @Rhitter - Enabler!! ;)

    I looked in our emergency fund...and there is more in there than I thought, even with taking some out to pay off the tempting.

    But c'mon, a bookcase isn't exactly an emergency.


  4. Oh, wow! That is a gorgeous bookcase. If I had books anymore (hehe), I would have a hard time passing that up.

    Stay strong! (p.s. I'm reading through your archives right now! Good stuff! And I've got a post scheduled for later this week with a response to your cell phone comment on GRB. Have a good Monday!)